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Closer and closer...

Anime Expo draws ever nearer, and the panic about getting things ready is only sort of getting worse. We wrote out a list of all the things we want/need to do before we leave (big trips are among the only things we'll actually take the effort to make lists for), and it doesn't look so bad.

Of course there have been about a million updates on the AX site in the past week. It's official that Toru Furuya is coming, and justice has been served in that Crispin Freeman is an official Guest of Honor now. We should have seen it coming, really, but we were hoping the dub actor special treatment would be limited to the two. Still, fair's fair.

Mom freaked us out the other day when we mentioned that our resume was two pages by telling us that a resume should never be more than one page. We had no idea what to do about that, because we think that everything on our resume is important, and we certainly don't want to cut the list of translations we've had published. Mom said that Steve used to teach a course on resumes and stuff, so we could ask him for advice, which we obviously don't want to do. So today we checked's resume advice page and found out that it's okay to have a longer resume if you have a long list of things you've had published, and it's not necessary to follow the 'only one page' rule anymore. So no more freaking out about that, which is good because we have more pressing things to freak out about.

And now we're just trying to keep busy while we wait for TokyoPop to send us a copy of Saiyuki Reload 6 to number up, and procrastinating getting costumes ready. (We have a list--we're sure we can get it done in a week, especially since the costumes are already all wearable.)

Today I'm thankful that our air conditioner still works, and for a list that makes things less scary, backup plans, the resume center, and Host Club 12 (I'm convinced Honey would have had much better results if he'd tried Plan 3 on Tamaki).
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