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We learned something interesting yesterday. Our new boss said that our last boss told her that we like cutesy shoujo stuff, so she was keeping an eye out for that kind of thing for us. This makes us very happy, because we do indeed like cutesy shoujo stuff, but we have to wonder where that idea came from. I was actually beginning to wonder if it was true that the TokyoPop people were thinking along those lines, because all the new titles we've worked on recently are cutesy shoujo titles (and we love them♥), except for Elemental Gelade, which was offered to us because apparently we handle long serieses well.

But we used a lot of exclamation points in thanking our old boss for letting us translate Bus Gamer, and I kind of always thought of Kazuya Minekura serieses as not-cute by definition. It's true that Saiyuki has been called "overly sappy and cute," but we're pretty sure that was just that guy's way of avoiding use of the word "gay."

Really, it's more of an amusement than anything else. And then it seems to be a common factor. In the letter I got back from Jonathan's missionary friend, being the Bleach fan that he is, he asked if Bleach was out in the US yet or if we translated it or anything. He also added that it doesn't seem like the kind of thing TokyoPop would ask us to translate. Now, I did mention that we tend to like the more girly serieses, but I also thought I made it a point of saying that we like anything we like. Why would he just assume that we wouldn't like to translate a series like Bleach, especially when all he knows about us is from one letter? Of course, there's no telling what Jonathan may have told him...

The only thing I can think of is that we somehow radiate an aura of cuteness, or cutesy-ness. (I want to say pink-ness, but I seem to remember hearing somewhere that that has hentai implications.) Maybe that's why no one talked to us about being in the anbu group. We're just too cute♥

Again, it doesn't bother me to be thought of as cute, or as one who likes cute things. But it is a bit of a problem to have people assume we won't like things because they're not "cute." I'm afraid we'll miss out on translating a lot of awesome serieses if it keeps up. We did e-mail our new boss and let her know that we do love cutesy shoujo stuff, but we'd also be happy to translate something not so cutesy, like if they ever work out the Spiral licensing issues. But then I'm like, "No, Spiral's cute too!"

So I started trying to think of serieses we like that aren't cute, but everything I thought of was cute! Like Host Club and Karin and FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime. And I thought of the anime DVDs on our shelves, and they were all like Kaleido Star and Angelic Layer and Gals!. So much cuteness!

I did think of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, which is scary scary scary scary scary scary scary. But the reason we kept watching it even though it's horror is that it's so cute!

Okay, so the real reason we kept watching it is that Soichiro Hoshi plays the main character, and we were just so confused by it's cute-yet-scariness that we had to keep watching to see what was up with that.

And now Athena has pointed out that we have GetBackers and Gokudo. But you know, those serieses are adorable, too. Why? Because everything is adorable to us! Or has a lot of adorableness. I mean, look at Ginji, and Kadsuki, and Issa, and Djinn, and Shido, and... Even Black Lagoon has its adorable moments. And I still think that Sabretooth is a giant teddy bear.

And now the monitor has warned us several times that it needs to cool down. It's finally gotten to be a hundred degrees today, so we haven't had a whole lot of time to work, which is fine because we don't have anything to work on. So we're off to hunt more fiends.

Today I'm thankful for getting a new assignment from TokyoPop, good reason to listen to Saiyuki music again (we really don't listen to our CDs often enough), Sarah having good taste in pizza, getting to take home leftover pizza, and Mom being nice enough to help us pay for shipping for business cards.
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