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It's coming!

The reality of AX being almost here dawned on me suddenly. Like on Friday. Suddenly it was like, "Dude, there's only two weeks!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

It was really scary for a while, but easily ignored. And then we actually started doing the stuff, or figuring out how to do the stuff, that we need to get done before the convention, so now it's a lot less scary. Though the idea of making gloves for the Meer costume is not a fun one. We're thinking about getting a couple of t-shirts at a craft store (we originally thought 99cents Store, but they don't have the right color) to splice together into Kadzuki's opening sequence outfit. That'd be awesome if I could get it to turn out right. Either way, we think the GetBackers costumes will definitely be coming, because we have all the official accessories, except for Ban's earrings (we do have the earcuff; it's really cool).

But the job stuff is actually kind of fun. We checked out the Vista Print website, and looked at designs for business cards. It was really exciting. We were this close to ordering some free cards, but then we realized we don't have a credit card to pay for shipping, and sending a check would take too long. So we're going to wait and see if Mom or someone will be really nice and let us use their card, and then we can give them a check right away.

We were going to go with a nice purple-y design with some sunflower type flowers on it, but due to adventures in kanji and not-workingness, we stumbled upon a design with a rose on it that showed the kanji all nicely every time! So we're thinking that design wins, though we're a little concerned that a rose might send the wrong message. Maybe we've been watching too much Host Club.

Ironically, the design with Mt. Fuji on it didn't work so well with the kanji.

It's weird not to have a costume status update at this point. Oh well, I can't imagine them being all that interesting last year. Though the going-insane-ness of them might have been amusing. Maybe I'll go back and read my entries from last year. Ooooorrr maybe I'll be too lazy.

Today I'm thankful for free business card offers, pretty business card designs, neat specials on the History Channel about how all the rides at Disney World work, Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, and not being waist-deep in costume insanity.
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