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It's a bird! It's a plane! No... it's Superman!

Last night we watched the first part of Superman: Brainiac Attacks on Cartoon Network. We were really happy they were showing a Superman movie because! David Kaufman plays Jimmy Olsen, who really just doesn't show up in Justice League. David Kaufman, of course, is probably most famous currently for voicing Danny Phantom.

And Jimmy was so cute! Just the way he kept saying "Miss Lane." Adorableness! And apparently he has similar taste in women to Danny (Mercy=Paulina)!

Actually he was reminding us a lot of Chick in Pepper Dennis. And Pepper is of course a lot like Lois, so now we're wondering if the whole thing is like Superman from Lois's perspective. Charlie is perfect enough to almost be Superman.

Lex Luthor was surprisingly not-evil, from what we saw. He was kind of goofy, even. Almost like the Flash! Which of course is really funny to us because the guy who played the Flash went on to be Lex Luthor in Smallville.

We didn't get to watch the rest, though, because Mom called and asked if we needed to go grocery shopping, to which the answer must always be yes or we will surely run out of food. Fortunately, they taped the rest of it for us, so hopefully we'll be getting to see it soon. I can't help but wonder if it was Mom on call-waiting when I was talking to Dad today. The other call came when I was in the middle of talking about something else, so I didn't want to switch over. And now we may never know. Such are the consequences of ignoring call-waiting.

I would only really care if they were going to invite us to play Disney trivia. When Mom called last night she asked what we were doing, so I told her we were watching the Superman movie, and told her that Jimmy Olsen is played by Danny Phantom, and then she told me that a bunch of the questions they got the night before were along the lines of, "Who was this character was voiced by?" We would so own that game.

(Most likely the answer to most of them is Sterling Holloway.)

Today I'm thankful for chocolate coins, Relief Society teachers who bring treats, having found the phone card Dad sent us, getting to take home leftover ice cream toppings, and getting to hear David Kaufman as Jimmy Olsen.

And the best line in that whole movie was spoken by Jonathan Kent to Clark: "Must be the glasses. Have you ever thought about getting that new-fangled laser surgery?"
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