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We just watched the series finale of Everwood. It's always weird watching the end of something, especially something that's gone on for more than a year. It's kind of interesting with Everwood, because the level of insanity and drama for each season kind of coincided with our own lives. It's exactly like what Ephram said about how he was so used to things not working out the way they're supposed to, so he kind freaks out when they do. But now everything's worked out for them, so...

Yeah, it's crazy to be superstitious based on a TV show. We'll see what happens.

In other news, Mom bought a new version of Disney Trivial Pursuit yesterday. We weren't really surprised when Mom called later asking if they could borrow The Sword in the Stone, but we were sad that that meant they had played without us. We kind of figured they would, though, because Mom didn't invite us over when she called to ask which Disney trivia game she should buy.

She must have realized we'd be a little upset though, because almost immediately after she called about Sword in the Stone, she called again to let us know that she tried to convince them to have us over so we could play with them, but they didn't want to get their butts kicked. She didn't specify who "them" was, though.

Seriously, I have such a hard time trying to understand why on earth so many people want to convince the world that they're the smartest. All it does is get you left out of fun trivia games. And it's not like we want to play the game just to destroy other people. It's mostly that we want to see if we can get the questions right, and show off when we do. They could have even split us up and put us on their teams! Though neither of us would have wanted to be on Steve's team. Eheh. But if they'd tried to team one of us up with Steve anyway, we might have gone along with it. Unless it was just one of us and Steve.

And now that we're practically all caught up on anime, we've finally figured out something more to do in Final Fantasy X Sidequest Land. Oy.

How messed up is it that you can catch monsters inside Sin for the crazy fiend collector guy? I mean really. It's like, "Alright! Let's end this and finally bring about the Eternal Calm! ...but first, let's make sure Crazy Fiend-Splicer has all the specimens he needs!"

It's just not right, I tell you. When we make a video game, all sidequests will be completeable before you get into the last stage. None of this going off to get special weapons, or deliver mail to moogles, or push a frickin' sack up a hill, while the final boss is waiting for you to arrive so they can specifically not destroy the universe.

And so we're off. But first, today I'm thankful for nice people who record series finales for us (or lend us their copies), shady trees, PayDay bars, this fan blowing on me right now, and getting to watch the Everwood series finale.
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