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And here I thought we wouldn't get anything done today

We woke up late, it's not even three o'clock yet, and we've already had several adventures today! Okay, so only a couple of adventures, but lots of productivity. And we don't even have any translations due to work on!

First we posted over at honyaku_dojo, and then we spruced up our resume a bit, because we're thinking we're going to want to bring copies to AX. And while we were deciding what to do next, Athena went into the bathroom and found the floor covered in water. Fortunately, it wasn't very deep water, just spread out.

See, our sink had been clogged for a while. But our sink had a bad habit of clogging while we were living in Southridge at college, and every time they fixed it, we would get a lecture about not brushing our hair over the sink, which was completely lame, because neither of us ever did that. We're just not creative enough with our hair to need a mirror.

Anyway, because of that, and because of one time when we had cleaning checks at Southridge we said, "We didn't scrub the sink because it's clogged and half full of water," and the manager said, "You have to scrub it or we can't fix it," then we decided to give the sink time to drain slowly, or, if nothing else, let the water evaporate out of it so we could scrub it, and then ask the management to come fix it.

That, obviously, was a bad idea, as we found out when Athena walked into the bathroom and found the floor covered in water. Apparently the pipes had started leaking. So we cleaned up the water off the floor, took out the trash (which had miraculously been spared most of the water damage) so there would be more room to work under the sink, and went to report the problem.

In the couple of hours while we waited for a maintenace guy to come, we checked the mail, and found a letter from blackhope's missionary friend, and a couple of notices from the state telling us that they have some money we can claim. Not much, but enough to get us into Disneyland. That all made up for the trauma of the bathroom. And then we had our second adventure when we actually posted on the Honyaku mailing list, which we'd been lurking on for almost a year but never had the courage to post on. We haven't read any responses yet. I don't know if we'll get any, but at least I posted, and that makes me happy.

And then while we were watching and not being able to focus on Good Witch of the West, he came and fixed the sink, and it took all of about ten minutes or less. And now the faucet goes "fsssshhhhh!" again!

And now here we are, updating LiveJournal. I kind of get the feeling productivity will drop after this, but who knows? We might hear from our boss at TokyoPop.

Today I am very thankful for maintenance guys (and girls, but we only have guys here)(and especially ones that don't give us lectures, especially about things we're not guilty of), once again having a working bathroom sink, the "fssssshhhhh" sound, the opening theme to Good Witch of the West, and fun videos that will be posted at the Dojo when I think more people will be around to notice them.
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