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They're not gay!!

Atsuko Nakajima is coming back to AX this year! Some of you may remember the last time she came, back in '03, when we dragged everyone to her panel with Kazuhiro Furuhashi. Since then, she's been a bit of an enigma to me, because she was so insistent that Ban and Ginji are not gay, but all the GetBackers merchandise that came out after that had some very... interesting pictures of Ban and Ginji, clearly drawn by Nakajima-san. And a couple of the samples from the artbook of hers that came out sometime between then and now...

Of course, it's possible that the merchandise pictures were not her idea, and she was just doing what she was told, and that the artbook pictures were just included in the book because they were well-drawn, and used as sample images by Animaxis because they knew it would appeal to the BL fans. One of my favorite pictures of hers would be one of Kadzuki and Juubei from the third ending sequence of GetBackers. It would be very romantic if Kadzuki was actually a woman.

And I just realized that we actually do have costumes for her, since we did GetBackers the first time she came to AX. We'll see if we have the space to bring them and/or time to wear them. It would be awesome if I had time and money to make Kadzuki's dress. It was so cute!

It's actually kind of surprising that she's not coming courtesy of Funimation, since they seem to be bringing a ton of guests this year, and she did the character designs for Trinity Blood. And right now she's working on Princess Princess...

Changing the subject, today has been wildly nonproductive, although we did get six episodes of anime watched. We need to post something at the Dojo pretty soon, we're thinking, but we're not quite sure what. We thought we'd go through some of our old Fushigi Yuugi novel translations to see if we could post a mistranslation again, but that's taking longer than expected. We'll see what we come up with. Heck, maybe someone else will post something!

Today I'm thankful for being able to work without having to worry about our poor monitor's health, catching episodes of 8 Simple Rules that we haven't seen, GetBackers, cross-dressing Syaoran, and Host Club 11. Speaking of which, today is Yuuji Ueda's birthday! He plays Nekozawa-sempai, as well as Amiboshi & Suboshi (Fushigi Yuugi), Sanosuke (Kenshin), Masaru (Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san), and Takei (Fruits Basket), as well as a bunch of other characters.
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