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We finally finished the translation for that episode of Seikai no Senki. I really couldn't say which I'd rather do--that or CLAMP no Kiseki. Both of them are very brain-hurty. Now we're just hoping the editor doesn't e-mail us back and ask us to translate the ending theme song. It's a very pretty song, and it's sung by Emiko Shiratori (Melodies of Life), and I think it was written by Katsuhisa Hattori (wrote some very pretty songs for Shunichi Miyamoto, including Anges) but we just want to be done.

Now we won't feel so guilty about going ahead and downloading the next episode of Survive. We have to catch up on our other anime first, though. I've also had this theory that we needed to finish it, because we promised we would, and if we got any work from TokyoPop or anywhere else, we would then proceed to not finish it. But now we have finished (except maybe the song), so maybe now we can get more work.

Also, we tried out our new fan yesterday, and we got an hour and a half of screen time, but then the monitor blacked out. Then we realized that the only place any ventilation from a fan could be of any help was from above the monitor, so now we have a stack of seven Asuka magazines, the Chronicles of Narnia, and a book of Japanese mythology elevating the fan so it can cool the monitor off from above. And we haven't had the monitor black out once all day! And we have quick reference to anything that was published in Asuka magazine in any of those issues.

So today I'm thankful for being done translating that episode, songs sung by Emiko Shiratori, once again having chocolate chip muffins, the calming effects of sitting on the couch, and having a couch to sit on.
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