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Today is June 13th, and that means books are coming out! I thought it would be neat to let people know when the stuff we translated is being released. I don't really have any reasoning behind that, but Kazuya Minekura does it for her works. But her works are originals, and ours are just translating somebody else's. Still, I'm going to do it anyway!

So this month, Ai Yori Aoshi 13 and Saiyuki Reload 4 are being released! I don't remember what happens in AYA 13, but I seem to remember really liking it. Saiyuki Reload 4 is great! It's the first one with Hazel, who is awesome as a villain in that he's completely evil and annoying, but he thinks he's the pinnacle of righteousness. I'm curious to see how he ended up talking.

Also this month was supposed to be the release of CLAMP no Kiseki 8, our CLAMP translation debut, but when we checked the website, there was no mention of it. So we went to the CLAMP no Kiseki section of their homepage, and the link to volume 8 was all greyed out, and you can't get there any more. At the forums, one of the editors had mentioned that they weren't making very much money off of CLAMP no Kiseki, so maybe they couldn't afford to continue it? Where's the love, CLAMP fans?

CLAMP no Kiseki has a ton of neat stuff, and a lot of people, or at least the translators, worked very very hard to get those out there. It's kind of sad to think no one's buying them.

In other news, rumor has it that one Toru Furuya will be attending AX this year. He's famous for a bunch of stuff, and I really couldn't say what he's most famous for, since he's Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon, Yamcha in all the Dragonball stuff, Kyosuke in Kimagure Orange Road, and the main character in a really popular incarnation of Gundam. Normally I wouldn't take the rumor very seriously, since it hasn't been confirmed on the AX website, but this time the rumor started at Furuya-san's own personal website. And again, my reaction is, "But we don't have costumes for him!" (anymore). It's just as well--there are always a million SailorMoon cosplayers. The Gundam Seed artbook baranoneko and setra gave us has an interview with him and Soichiro Hoshi; maybe Lacus and Meer would work.

Interestingly, shortly after we heard about this rumor, AX updated with another Guest of Honor, but not Furuya-san. His name is Hiroshi Nagahama, and he directed Mushishi.

Well, that's all for now. Today I'm thankful for replacement sponges for our dishwashing sponge thingie, the pile of manga magazines that has our little fan on it, release dates,, and being two-thirds done with that episode of Seikai no Senki.
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