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The Princess and the Pea

A long time ago, we realized that we ended up with a video tape of a school play Aurora was in back in elementary school. Last night we decided to watch it, less for nostalgia reasons and more because we're horrible name-droppers, and everyone's been talking about X-Men 3. See, the PTA member who directed the play was Kelsey Grammer's ex-wife, and not only was their daughter in the play, but he himself had a walk-on role.

It was actually a surprisingly good play for elementary schoolers. For the most part we could make out what people were saying and everything! The play was The Princess and the Pea. We remember that they had a double cast, and for the first performance, Aurora was the evil witch, and for the second performance, she was the princess. We only have the second performance on tape, which also happens to be the one where Kelsey Grammer showed up late because he was out golfing. Or so we gather from his adlibbed lines--"Forgive me princess, I have just come from the royal golf course."

He played a prince who was courting the princess and talked all fancy and Shakespearean and stuff, and Athena remembers Aurora being very proud of herself for adlibbing the response, "Forsooth, I understandeth not what you have said to me, oh psychotic prince," during rehearsal. That made it so that the other princess had to learn the line too, but she couldn't say it as well. They were all twelve at the oldest, so it's not surprising.

Aurora did really well as the princess. I almost think she was a better actress back then--in some of the things I've seen her do more recently, she often seemed over-rehearsed. There's a theory now that Dad sabotaged her acting career with his tips, but no confirmation as to whether or not he did it on purpose. At any rate, she was really cute, and she had a habit of playing with the lace from her hat and the lace that tied her dress in the back. It was adorable.

I kind of wish we had the first performance, when she was the witch, on tape, just so we could see it again. All I remember is that the fog machine they had originally was insane and shot hot oil at the actors. It hit Aurora in the ankle during her big scene, and she said something about how they were having technical difficulties and all the adults thought that was one of the most brilliant things ever. For the second performance, our friend's dad, who is a set designer on a bunch of stuff including Batman & Robin and Spider-Man, got a better fog machine and no one was injured.

And that's it for today's trip down memory lane. Except that I remember Aurora saying that when Kelsey Grammer kissed the other princess's hand (during rehearsal or something I guess), she said she'd never wash it again.

Okay, now that's it for my trip down memory lane. Tonight I'm thankful for finally having a little fan next to our monitor, having people to talk to at FHE while everyone else was playing in the water (I didn't want to because I think I'm allergic to the grass on that field; last week we played water balloon volleyball on that field, and there was a rather unpleasant experience that followed), not being covered in hives, videos of old school plays, and Famous Amos cookies.
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