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I've been noticing lately that I have a habit of saying things about myself, or both of us, that sound like I'm getting down on myself. For example, yesterday we posted to honyaku_dojo, and we got a comment that was very complimentary and nice, and helpful, since we're still trying to figure out what we want to do with it. But my first instinct was to say, "I'm glad our explanation was some help. I just hope it wasn't too complicated. I know if I was reading it and not writing it, I would get bored. I have a short attention span; that's why I translate manga."

And whenever someone asks if I can play a hymn at church, I always say, "I can play it, but I can't guarantee that I can play it well." Also, I keep trying to make it a point of saying that we're not necessarily experts, and our word on Japanese could be completely wrong for all we know. Though on the other hand, I think we're pretty awesome translators. But I want to make it clear that we're not the smartest people in the world. It's not because I think I'm dumb--I just want all the facts to be clear.

One of the things I hated most going through grade school was that whenever I answered a question wrong, everyone in my class was completely stunned, and there was a big commotion that I actually got something wrong. I didn't intentionally create an image of myself knowing everything, though if I didn't want to give that impression, I probably would have not answered every trivia question when we had trivia time in sixth grade. Incidentally, now that we're older, we don't do so well with trivia, because we don't pay attention to anything going on in the world. Eheh.

Anyway, that was one of the most annoying things, so these days I try to prevent it, and obviously not just with knowing stuff. So when I say that it's probably dangerous for us to play Red Rover because if someone were to run between us, we're too stubborn to let go of each other's hand, but so skinny and frail that we might easily break an arm, that's not me mourning the fact that I'm so skinny and frail, that's me stating a fact. Or an opinion, rather, but a neutral one.

I also think it's better that way, because people seem to be more willing to forgive incompetence when they expect less competence. It's like Calvin said in Calvin & Hobbes about keeping people's expectations low. If I say from that start that I'm not very bright, people will be pleasantly surprised by how bright I am, and I don't have to worry quite so much about people complaining that I'm an idiot. And if they do, I never said I wasn't an idiot.

And those are my musings for today. Today I'm thankful for drainage systems, the warmth of the sun after being in a freezing church building, Triscuits, closet space, and tassels.

Oh! And today is Toshihiko Seki's birthday! Most people on our friends' list already know, but he's famous for a bazillion roles, including Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing), Genjyo Sanzo (Saiyuki), Iruka (Naruto), Klueze (Gundam Seed)... and a bunch I can't think of.
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