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Trivia - the god of places where three roads meet

In Disney's Hercules animated series, he was played by Ben Stein. I think.

Today was a random TV and trivia day. We checked the TV Guide website to see when they were showing Reality Trip again, just to make sure they weren't showing it at ten in the morning, and found out that Teen Titans was on at the time we usually watch Eyeshield21. Since the Fairly OddParents we didn't miss the first half of was a rerun they'd shown recently, we decided to watch Eyeshield21 during that, and then Teen Titans, because it was "Lightspeed," featuring the Kid Flash♥

Later, when it was time to let the monitor cool down, neither of us had any idea what to do to get the rest of the celestial weapons in FFX or find that one place we can't find, so we turned on the TV Guide channel to see what was on TV. That's when we found out that the guy who plays Freakshow in Danny Phantom plays Charlie Sheen's brother on Two and a Half Men. Back when Freakshow first appeared, Butch Hartman specifically mentioned the voice actor, saying he did a wonderful job, so we looked him up then. But we still had no idea. Maybe because we don't really watch Two and a Half Men we didn't notice.

Then I saw the name "Rosenbaum" as something scrolled past on the listings, so we waited for it to come around again and found out that Comedy Central was showing Sorority Boys. Based on the fact that it was rated R when it was in theaters, we figured we probably wouldn't want to watch all of it, and that theory was proved correct a few minutes in, but we did get to see Michael Rosenbaum. We checked back later to see if we could see him in a dress, and there he was! He was complaining about how fat his butt was, but we thought he was very well-proportioned for a woman.

We were hoping it would be a sort of mini Michael Rosenbaum day and they'd be showing the Flash Appreciation Day episode of Justice League, but alas, no Justice League for us today. But we did get to see an old episode of Super Password on the GameShow Network with a very young Pat Sajak. He looked a lot like Dave Foley.

And now I'm updating LiveJournal while we wait for Reality Trip to start again. This time we have chocolate muffins!

So today I'm thankful for chocolate muffins, getting to see Kid Flash♥ again, word puzzles, movie trivia, and supermodel kitties. Man, I wish we had a camera.
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