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Kinda figures that the one time we're whisked away earlier than planned is when somebody needed to ask us something. Sorry, pudges!

In answer to your question, the show is a little too high-tension for us to catch and remember everything without subtitles (or going back to watch it again, which wouldn't be a problem of course, but we'd want to watch 4 - 9 again first), but if we remember correctly, he works at an okama bar. Our understanding of "okama" is that it's a man, not necessarily gay but not necessarily straight, who looks and/or dresses like a woman. Usually they talk like women too. Our dictionary defines it as "gay person, male tranvestite." Did you notice he's played by the voice of Hotohori?

So today was pretty awesome. The monitor blacked out, so we went to play some Final Fantasy X to let it cool down, and then our anime buddy called so we went over to her place a lot earlier than expected. But it was awesome because we got to watch the entire first Fruits Basket DVD. It's a little sad for me, though, because we always seem to stop there, and that's right before Momiji shows up. I'm not sure if I could say Momiji is my favorite character, but I like the stuff that happens once he's in the show.

Danny Phantom: Reality Trip was totally awesome. Frickin' awesome, I'd say. Though I still like Ultimate Enemy a little better, because it has more Danny angst. Sorry Danny, but I love to see you in mental and/or emotional anguish. But the Gem of Fantasy part was awesome. "That's gotta be the hottest geek I've ever seen." "Really? What about now?" "Yeah. Still hot." Butch Hartman understands *sniffle*

Though obviously in our case it would be in reference to the opposite gender.

And we're not sure if Steve is trying to get us into sports or if he just really understands our Haley Joel Osment obsession (that seems unlikely), because he called to tell us about a celebrity golf tournament that will be playing tomorrow, and Haley Joel Osment will be participating. We had no idea he played golf. At any rate, after some discussion, Athena put it best like this, "We love the boy, but that doesn't mean we're going to watch AI again." Although that was partially in reference to Artificial Intelligence being the answer to the alternate movie title thing when we were playing with our anime buddy's Scene It DVD. We were all disappointed that we didn't get that one.

Athena also pointed out that it's not like he'll be talking about Kingdom Hearts, and then we're like, "Yeah, unless David Gallagher is in it. Or Jesse McCartney. Or, I don't know, Brittany Snow." And then Athena suggested Bill Farmer, the voice of Goofy, and we both decided we'd watch if Bill Farmer was in it, because that would just be too awesome. Especially since there's a Goofy cartoon where he learns to play golf, though he probably wasn't voiced by Bill Farmer in that one.

Oreo seems to have taken to looking up at the ceiling. I wonder what he's looking at.

Tonight I'm thankful for Danny Phantom: Reality Trip, making good progress on Seikai no Senki, getting to eat pizza today, getting to watch Fruits Basket, and comic book conventions.

Oh! And today is the Hatachiin twins' birthday! Happy birthday Hikaru, Kaoru!
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