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Feeling hot, hot, hot~~ Oh yeah~~

Today is one of those days where the heat just clings to you, making it difficult to do anything. Still, we managed to get a translation done to post for critique and whatnot at honyaku_dojo, and finish a Japanese e-mail. Neither of those really took very long, so I'm actually wondering what we did with the rest of our day and not being able to come up with much. We watched three episodes of anime, but that hardly would have taken all our time. Oh well.

We might have a small dilemma in that, being flustered last night, we forgot that there's a small chance of us being out of town on Friday. We haven't been able to get together with our anime buddy for a while, and we really need to because AX is looming in the distance and there's some stuff she should see before that. Especially since she's only a few episodes away from the infamous episode 33 of Fushigi Yuugi. I wish we could show her FullMetal Alchemist with Romi Park coming, but alas, it's not to be.

Anyway, we talked about getting together last night at FHE, and so right when she dropped us off, she suggested we go over to her place Friday night for pizza and we can bring some DVDs. We can never say no to pizza (unless it has toppings. ew), so of course we agreed. Also, her family just got a big plasma TV!

And it wasn't until a few hours later that we remembered the small possibility of going to Disneyland that day. We would have called today and told her about it, but we're still not convinced the Disneyland thing is for real. I think we might have to call Mom and ask, though, because otherwise we won't find out until Thursday. We do kind of need to go to Target anyway, and then we can get Disney Scene It.

It really almost feels like they're trying to mess with our heads over at TokyoPop. The person we thought was our new new boss disappeared, and old new boss came back and said that new new boss was gone, and she's the managing editor now. They both were pretty nice, so it wouldn't be a problem if they would explain why. We're very confused. But as long as we get some work orders, we can't complain.

Tonight I'm thankful for giant plush snakes, pretty sunsets, getting to eat two fudgsicles last night, fudgsicles, and puns.

And for those who haven't seen it yet and are interested in translating or learning Japanese, remember to check out honyaku_dojo!
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