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Disneyland! maybe

Last night, I was trying to be good and not guilt Mom into taking us to Disneyland, but I always have to ask. So I said, "So when are we going to Disneyland?" She said if we make it a day trip, we can go anytime. I pointed out that that would require the driver to be up for about twenty-four hours, and Steve said that's what Exedrin is for.

This actually caused me a bit of alarm. While I don't mind forcing myself to persevere through extreme exhaustion so that people can enjoy Disneyland (unless I get a headache and/or they obviously only wanted me there to save seats for Fantasmic!), I'm not so comfortable with other people doing it. This is partially out of fear of them using it against me in the future ("What do you mean he doesn't respect you? He stayed up twenty-four hours straight so you could go to Disneyland!") and partially because I don't trust others' abilities to push themselves. Maybe that's not fair of me, but it's true. I'm paranoid that we'll caravan down there, which means one driver per car so no shifts, and one of the drivers just won't be able to handle the drive back.

Maybe it is more that I just don't want people to go through staying up that long, like genuine concern. Because that would really suck. And I would stay up too because I can't sleep in cars and I don't think it's fair for me to sleep while the driver is fighting to stay awake, but I wouldn't have to be driving. And how much of a buzzkill is that? You're already tired from a day of Disneyland, which started out a little tired because you woke up so early, and then you have a four, five hour drive home. You'd forget all about how much fun you had at Disneyland because you'd be so tired.

I don't know if that's an official plan now, though Sarah said she was cool if we went on Friday, which gave me an, "Of course," moment, because some of you may remember a while back when I mentioned that my greatest fear was that they'd plan to finally go to Disneyland on June 9th, the day the new Danny Phantom movie premieres. Sarah promised that she would set their timer to tape it for us.

Then the discussion moved on to Disney trivia, and I think that distracted them enough, or they felt it distracted us enough, that when they dropped us off, instead of mentioning Disneyland, Mom promised that next time we got together they would have some form of Disney trivia game. We like that idea because we own Disney trivia. At least we do when not playing against other Disneyphiles, and we really only know a few who have matched us. The "name that song" game that came out is really fun. Thinking about it always gets Razzle-Dazzle Day in my head.

So yeah. It really is more a matter of no one should have to stay up that long than not believing that anyone can. I should just calm down; I feel like we're probably not going to go on Friday anyway. But who knows? I felt like we probably weren't going to see X-Men, either.

Tonight I'm thankful for Disney trivia, star-shaped sunglasses, kneecaps, getting to see the credits to Disney's Hercules, and not having to watch "Honey, We're Killing the Kids." Oh yeah, about that! We came home and realized we forgot to turn the monitor off before church, so it had turned itself off, only without going into standby mode, or whatever it means when the light is orange and not green, so we turned it off and went to watch TV. We caught the credits of Hercules on the Disney Channel, which we watched so we could listen to the song and because it's Hercules, which is our favorite.

And then we changed it to TLC, and they were showing "Honey thing thing thing." It was pretty interesting at first, but they were showing a marathon, and the more we watched, the more I got annoyed with the host. It almost seemed like she was specifically creating rules that would cause more drama. We don't know if she would really do that on purpose (maybe she just doesn't realize that making people who are used to eating out suddenly have to cook elaborate meals will take a lot of time out of their potentially already busy schedules), but sometimes when things were going really well on While You Were Out, Leslie would offer to break the sewing machine to cause more drama.

And! She has these kids who are used to eating pizza and hamburgers and stuff, and she says, "Here! Eat some fresh seafood!" She apparently hasn't had to deal with picky eaters. But maybe that only seems crazy to the two of us.
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