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I forgot to mention yesterday about the cow commercials. According to our friend from high school who listens (or listened--I don't know if it's still on the air or not) to April Winchell's radio show, the commercials are written by her (April Winchell) and Tress MacNeille, both very funny voice actresses. For those of you who don't know, April Winchell (daughter of Paul Winchell, the original voice of Tigger) is the current voice of Clarabelle Cow and was Ms. Finster on Recess and has done a bunch of other stuff, and Tress MacNeille has done a million voices including Babs Bunny and Dot Warner.

With the hotter weather, everyone's opening their windows. This makes things kind of confusing, because we keep hearing our downstairs neighbors' phone ring and thinking it's ours.

We've been invited to go with Mom and people to Hometown Buffet for dinner tonight. Going out to eat is always a good thing, so we're pretty happy. Also, since Scott and Kimee are going to be there, if history repeats itself, we may have a good chance of getting some Disneyland plans in the works. Sarah's getting out of school soon, so that won't be an obstacle this time.

We thought about it some more, and now our tentative name for our Japanese translating community is "honyaku_dojo" because, as Athena points out, even masters need to train. Dojo might be a little too martial arts-y, but the kanji mean "road place," so we guess it would be "the place where you follow the road of [insert art here]." And in this case, the art would be translating. Of course, then there's the question of do we want to spell dojo with or without U's. Because a direct romanization would spell it "doujou," but it just kind of looks better like "dojo."

We want it to be a place where people can not only ask for help with things they're stumped on, but to also get critiques of their translations. This is because there are some things that you don't even notice you're getting wrong. We've translated things that we realized much later, after hearing a similar phrase in an anime or something, that we got it wrong. Sometimes we're fortunate enough to be able to go back and change it.

So in that spirit, I guess the next step before we actually create the community (assuming there are no problems with the name) would be to translate something that we can post for critiqueing. That way there will be something for people to discuss early on, because I don't want to start a community and then have nothing happen on it. And then people can also ask why we translated certain things a certain way and stuff.

And today I'm thankful for getting to go out to dinner tonight, Oreo finally being brave enough to sit on the windowsill, still having our books from Japanese 322, adorable kitties that are good at illustrating why "Tama" is a common Japanese cat name, and calcium.
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