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Happy cheese comes from happy cows.

I was sure I had something else to talk about today, but right now I can't think what it might be. On a completely random note, though, do states other than California get the California cheese commercials about happy cows? Because those are awesome. My favorite's the one with the ball.

We came up with the potential name "honyaku_academy" for this community we've been talking about. I like it because it sounds kind of neat, and it describes what it's for--to help people learn to be better at translating from Japanese into English, or vice versa if somehow we get enough native Japanese speakers. But on the other hand, people might be like, "Academy? Like a school? Dude, I took x years of Japanese, I think I'm done with classes." For example, the girl I mentioned before has done some professional translating; she might think that she doesn't need something like a school. (By the way, the example we used in our lecture about that was something we made up ourselves--her example wasn't as bad.)

That's the other thing I had to talk about! We got an e-mail from the AX registration person saying that we don't have to pay after all. It was a bit of a concern because we got an e-mail a few days ago saying that we were approved for discounted registration. Last year we got in for free, so we were a little upset, but we checked the website and realized that it could have been a misunderstanding on our part and decided to just deal with it. But now apparently they've decided to waive the fee. I wonder if a bunch of other freelancers complained or something. At any rate, that's a $50 smaller AX debt, which is a very good thing.

Tonight I'm thankful for a $50 smaller AX debt, Romi Park coming to AX, happy cow commercials, mattresses, and pizza cutters.
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