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Romi Park!? But we don't have costumes for Romi Park!

That was our reaction when we went to the AX site this morning and saw that they had listed their first (and hopefully not last) Japanese voice actor Guest of Honor. Thinking about it now, that sounds like I would have made a costume for her, but what I meant was that we don't have costumes from any serieses she's in, unless you count that she was young Yorihisa in one episode of HaruToki and Nicol in the special edition of Gundam Seed. She was also Tomonori in the Yukiru Sugisaki tenth anniversary CD (which we still don't have *whimper*), so Risa and Riku might count there. Still, they're all a bit of a stretch.

It's kind of funny because two years ago, we're like, "Let's do a HaruToki group! Let's do a HaruToki group!" and everyone's like, "No! We'll do it next year if you absolutely must, but no!" so we gave up on it. And this year we were like, "Let's do an Ueki group! Let's do an Ueki group!" and the crickets played and we had no money so we gave up on it. And who did they get two years ago? Tomokazu Seki, a famous voice actor in HaruToki. And who did they get this year? Romi Park, a famous voice actress who plays Ueki. *sigh* We didn't technically have any costumes for Seki-san that year, either. (Unless you stretch again and say that he was Satoshi in the CD dramas of DN Angel, but we did the anime version costumes.)

I'm actually not exactly sure how to spell her last name. It might be Paku or Pak, but we read somewhere that she's of Korean descent, and that it's actually Park, and that makes sense, because we knew some Koreans whose last name was Park. Or at least one.

Anyway, she's probably most famous in America for being Ed in FullMetal Alchemist, and she's also Temari in Naruto and Hitsugaya in Bleach. We first heard her as Tao Ren in Shaman King, and then as Heimdall in Matantei Loki Ragnarok. It was pretty awesome because they interviewed all the voice actors for Loki, and she plays Loki's sworn enemy, but in the interview she sounded like she was totally in love with Loki. After hearing her in FullMetal Alchemist for several episodes, she became the one female voice actress we could easily forgive for playing boys (we like our boys to be played by boys!).

It seems like they've got a FullMetal Alchemist theme this year, since they've got the director, the Japanese and American voices of Ed, and the American voice of Lust. Maybe if they get any other Japanese voice actors they'll get Yuko Sato (Japanese Lust) or Rie Kugimiya (Al). Or maybe they'll have a dual FMA/CLAMP theme, and then they should get Miyu Irino (Syaoran in Tsubasa Chronicle). I know that second one would make me happy.
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