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Random musings

So in our longing to cosplay Host Club, we went to the Animate website to see if they sell the badges that are on all the guys' school uniforms, just out of curiosity. As it turns out they do! And they also sell a business card case that comes with cards that have pictures and profiles of all the characters, except, for some strange reason, Mori and Honey. I'm hoping it's just that they didn't picture those particular cards, because how sad would that be to leave out Mori and Honey?

Not surprisingly, Hikaru and Kaoru's birthday is in June (June 9th, to be exact--ironically, it's the day after Mamoru Miyano(the voice of Tamaki)'s birthday). For some reason all twins in manga are Gemini. Go figure.

It's only vaguely annoying, because of all the manga twins we've seen, Hikaru and Kaoru match us the best, so we had this vague hope that they were born closer to our birthday. Oh well. At least Yuu Watase understands that twins aren't only born in late May and early to mid June. Too bad she always has one turn completely psycho.

And those are my musings for today, as we wait impatiently for the next episode of Host Club (just started downloading! Yay!!). Well, not all my musings. I have one about Rebecca Romijn and what does it say about her that she had to go through a million years of makeup every day to be Mystique and yet she was still in all the X-Men movies. On the one hand, that's like, "She's awesome, she loved to be that character enough to go through all that makeup and freezingness," but on the other hand it's like, "But she's like, completely naked."

And then I think about Alan Cumming and how he gave up on Nightcrawler (or maybe he just didn't fit in to the story?) after just one movie, and I'm like, "Rebecca Romijn's way cooler than he is." And then I try to give Mr. Cumming the benefit of the doubt, and I say, "Well, he did have to deal with all those intricate little design thingies," and then I remember, "But Rebecca Romijn was like totally naked."

And those are my X-Men musings for the day, as I continue to wait impatiently for the next episode of Host Club (4%!).

Today I'm thankful for Nature Valley cinnamon granola bars, cups, water bottles, Gundam Seed character books, and things that don't make my brain hurt.
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