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I just did the most amazing trick!

Only I really didn't. Or did I? You didn't see it--you'll never know!

Ahem. Anyway.

Today after sacrament meeting we were talking about how it was sad that the pianist didn't play "Called to Serve" fast enough because we needed an energy boost. This guy overheard us and told us about how when he was at the MTC, there was one guy who, when they started singing "Called to Serve" and it wasn't fast enough, he stopped everyone, and pointed to the pianist and said, "You! Play faster!" and pointed to the chorister and said, "You! Wave your arm faster!" and they had to restart like three times before he'd let them sing. He's the coolest guy ever.

There was a time when I thought, "Maybe I shouldn't complain about the hymns being played so slow. If I was playing them, I might not play them fast enough either." But after being the Relief Society pianist for so long, I know that I probably would play them fast enough. I may not play them very well, but at least they'd be at the right tempo. Or close. I really ought to get a metronome.

We watched A Bug's Life today. We've been wanting to watch it for a while for two reasons. First, back when we were reading about Moses trying to free the Israelites and the Israelites were being stupid and like, "Dude, stop trying to help us! You're just making it worse!" then I was having a hard time understanding everyone's attitude, but then I thought of A Bug's Life and it all made sense. And second, the girl who plays Kairi in Kingdom Hearts was Princess Dot.

There was no real reason for me mentioning our watching A Bug's Life though except to make sure people knew about Kairi and Dot. But it's a good movie. And the "It's Tough to be a Bug" show at Disney's California Adventure is awesome. If you ever get a chance to check it out, it's really fun.

Mom called during Charmed to ask about stuff that was going on in Charmed, and when she was satisfied she asked if we were still on to see X3 tomorrow. This makes me very happy. But it's a little bit of a concern, because now we don't know how long we'll be out, and as it so happens, the management is coming by on Tuesday to replace our air conditioning filters and check for pests. The checking for pests means they need to check every room in the apartment, and that means we have to make the apartment presentable. Fortunately, we know they don't care if it's cluttered, but still, we don't want to look like total slobs.

Tonight I'm thankful that we get to see X3 tomorrow, and for A Bug's Life, self-defrosting freezers, metronomes, and the fact that pest checks are on Tuesday and not Monday.
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