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I don't know if it's the CD or our CD-ROM, but for some reason this CD is just not playing very happily. And we've had a problem with other CDs of ours in that when I try to tell Winamp to play them, it will tell me there's no disc in the CD drive. And then when I get a CD that I know will work, it won't work any more. And then I have to restart the computer. Mysteeeeerious.

Today we were happily working on Elemental Gelade, listening to Kingdom Hearts, when suddenly we hear a knock on the door and Oreo came dashing into the bedroom. It sounded like the UPS guy, since he's the one that uses the knocker and does the "shave and a haircut" thing (our home teacher does the "shave and a haircut" thing without the knocker). And indeed it was. This was kind of weird, because as far as we knew we had all the books we need until we get back to Fruits Basket or Saiyuki Reload. So I sign for the package, and, curious, I open it right away, and inside it a copy of the very same volume of Elemental Gelade that we were translating when the UPS guy arrived! Tadah!

Also today, we have offered to tape Everwood for a girl in our ward, because the season finale of Alias is on tonight instead of Wednesday, and she'd have to miss Everwood otherwise. It was just really weird to find out that anyone other than us watches Everwood. Seriously, I'm guilty about very few of my pleasures, but if I was guilty about any of them, they'd be Smallville and Everwood. Even though I know lots of people like Smallville. I'm just weird like that I guess. Pepper Dennis, on the other hand, I am not guilty about and I think everyone should watch at least one episode. It's kind of like a nostalgia trip, because it's got Rider Strong, and sometimes AJ Trauth (we never actually watched Even Stevens, but we heard him on the first episode of Kim Possible), and a couple times it had Larisa Oleynik (playing an evil single mother; how weird is that?).

And also today, we'll be playing through the end of Kingdom Hearts II again! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for the nice UPS guy (one time when it was cold, he had this beanie on and was all grinning and it was very adorable), the times when our CDs play happily, fake French accents, real French accents, and not having to sit through baseball games.
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