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It just doesn't match anything...

Our desktop is yellow.  It's actually a really nice golden-y yellow, but the yellow-ness of our desktop continues to amaze me every time I use the computer.  Which is a lot.  We haven't had a yellow desktop since January 2003.  I read somewhere that a lot of yellow tends to make people nervous, so I usually avoid it.

See, it used to be a really nice light blue-green color to match our Akira Ishida wallpaper, which we had up for a while, because, obviously, we're obsessed with Akira Ishida.  But on Sunday, when our computer started up, it left the wallpaper behind, so we figured it was time for a change.

First, we put up a Hatori wallpaper we had downloaded from, because it's sort of the month of the Dragon.  We think.  Maybe someday we'll look it up and make sure.

But then we watched the end of the HarukaNaru Toki no Nakade anime, so, in a HaruToki mood, we switched to a HaruToki3 wallpaper we had downloaded a few weeks ago.  Of course, we went with Akira Ishida's character, whose name I don't know how to spell.  And now our desktop is yellow.

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