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Beware the wrath of the kitties!

Oreo has been relentless today! Every time we're finishing up doing something on the couch, he would hop up and sit on someone's lap, thus rendering them immobile. I wonder if he wanted to make sure we didn't wander off like we did last week.

Last night we made it all the way through the Hades Cup with a nice high score, so now we're done with that forever (or until next time we play through KH2). Apparently we finished right in time, because this morning I had a dream, and I have no idea what happened in the dream, but I do know there was something involving competing in the Hades Cup. And in Sacrament Meeting, during closing prayer, while Athena had her eyes closed she saw this HP gauge drop down to one HP.

For the most part we were good though. The only Kingdom Hearts II obsessing was between Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School. Athena says it's not as bad as when we were watching HarukaNaru Toki no Nakade, which was at the same time we were in the middle of Final Fantasy X-2, and there was a scene in HaruToki where you see a bunch of townspeople or something, and Athena's first thought was, "I have to go do publicity!" Yeah, that was pretty crazy. We think it's less that we need to get more of a life (or two, since there's two of us), and more that we're very dedicated to what we do. In fact, I really don't think we spent that much time on the Hades Cup...... probably. I mean, we have been working, too.

Anyway, church was really good today. We had some great talks, and the teacher we keep correcting told us she actually really appreciates it. And the RS and SS lessons were really good, too, though it probably would have been better if the SS teacher had spent less time going over each little detail of Gideon's story so we could get to Samson. Maybe Gideon's story is more important, since theoretically everybody knows the story of Samson and Delilah. You really have to wonder, though. If he told Delilah three times what supposedly would make him weak, and every one of those times the Philistines came after him and did exactly that, why would he tell her the real way to take his strength? I'm really curious to find out all the details of that story.

Today I'm thankful for gummy worms, the rainy weather, saltine crackers, being done with the Hades Cup, and getting treats for participating.
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