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New icon!!

Last night we experienced a very interesting phenomenon. Usually, we like to keep a supply of Tony's frozen pizzas for Fridays, because Friday is a good pizza night and we're too poor to order out. But last time we went to the store, they were out of Tony's, so we decided to try Totino's. And it was the strangest thing because we were eating pizza, but it tasted like French fries.

But more importantly, this entry is to show off our new icon! Tadah!

Since Host Club started, we've been seeing new icons all over the place, and almost every time we saw them, they had Hikaru and Kaoru. In fact I think the only Host Club icons we saw that weren't Hikaru and Kaoru belonged to baranoneko, who also happens to have at least one Hikaru & Kaoru icon. And we thought, "Here we are, huge fans of Host Club, and actual real-life twins, without our own Hikaru & Kaoru icon." And we were sad.

So last night, we asked baranoneko if she would be kind enough to make one for us. And, being the incredibly awesome person that she is, she made not one, but four! Again, thank you so so so much♥♥♥!!!

Sadly, we still have a free account, and we have so much love for so many characters that right now we can only use one of them. We're seriously thinking about upgrading to at least the sponsored account, but I don't know if I remember to switch icons enough that it would matter. In the meantime, you've seen the winner.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The last one almost won, because it's hilarious, but we don't want people thinking we're into that, because we're really, really not. We like it with Hikaru and Kaoru because we know they're just doing it for the reaction.

And so the koakuma-kei (little devil (or little demon, because it for some reason sounds more evil) type) icon wins. Because now we have an icon for when we're being evil! Mwahahahahahahaaaa!!!

Today I'm thankful for pretty new icons, friends who make us pretty new icons, Mimsy not being squished from Oreo lying on top of her for like two hours, the weather being cool enough for Oreo to hide under the blankets, and Disney Princess Post-its.
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