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CD Japan, how we miss thee...

I love CD Japan. They're trying to get us back. They even sent us a coupon for 500yen of our next purchase of 3,000yen or more. That's like one CD. Okay, probably more like two, since the one at the top of the list is only a mini-album. Oh, but how I would love to return to you, CD Japan! Some day... Some day...

Meanwhile, I feel like such a slacker. Well, slacker isn't really the right term. More like... useless? Four CDs worth of work and only forty pages translated? That's pathetic! Pathetic, I say!!

Pathetic, but not unexpected. And the sudden change in weather means sudden change in air pressure doing weird things to my brain, so work was even harder. So after the first two CDs, we took a break and ended up finishing the last ten matches in the Hades Cup, which took a lot longer than expected because neither of us expected Athena to make it past match 49.

We also watched Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, which seems to be less scary this time around, but last time it was the fourth episode that was scariest, so we'll see. But Keiichi seems to be retaining his sanity a lot better, which helps.

And tonight we get to watch Fairy Idol, but no new Danny Phantom. My greatest fear right now is that Mom will finally decide we are going to Disneyland, but it will be on June 9, which is when the new Danny Phantom movie is airing. I could probably come up with some greater fears if I tried harder, but I like to take things one step at a time.

Today I'm thankful for coupons from CD Japan (maybe we'll get to use it! maybe...), the cooler weather, elixirs, untimed battles, and match 50 not being nearly as insane as match 49.
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