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Feeling hot, hot, hot~~ Oh yeah~~

Sometimes I wonder if people ever actually listen to what they're saying. It's really, really, really hot. Okay, so maybe not so hot as in, like Arizona. But it's really hot. And the other day, Steve tried to tell us that it's unseasonably warm for this time of year. This is the same man who, in March last year, told us that this was the time to really enjoy the weather, because it wouldn't be too long before it gets too hot. Wow, I should really stop gossiping.

Today has been a good day, I think, but it's hard to tell because I'm having a hard time thinking. I want to blame it on the heat, but it's probably not the heat's fault. I think it's because I tend to freak out when faced with unfamiliar job type things. We are very blessed today, in that we've been wondering how on earth we're going to make more money, especially since we haven't heard from our new boss at TokyoPop in over two weeks, even though we sent her two translations and an e-mail without a translation. And in the midst of our wondering and praying and stuff, somebody posts on the Honyaku Mailing List with a call for translators for a company that specializes in novels and manga.

So we took a timeout to gather our thoughts, and then we spent all the time our monitor would let us looking over our Gundam Seed drama translations (for samples) and hammering out an e-mail. We think we stand a pretty good chance, so here's hoping and praying.

Looking over the Gundam Seed dramas (which were translated pretty awesomely, if we do say so ourselves) reminded me how much I totally love that series. Kira's birthday is tomorrow; we shall have to celebrate... by watching the DVD we've had since February 2005 yet haven't opened. I think it's got one of my favorite sequences, too, which I think is my favorite because I'm a sadist. It's pretty powerful, though, I think. One of these days, we'll get the last three volumes and then be able to start collecting Destiny. Oh, and we need the movies, too. Hmm...

And! Once we finished the e-mail, we went to play some more Kingdom Hearts (it's really the only interesting thing we can do with our monitor cooling down--what else are we gonna do? Clean?), and we finally got the last treasure in Floating Island! It always seems so obvious when you finally get it, but at least we didn't use a guide book. So today has been very, very happy.

Today I'm thankful for job opportunities, Gundam Seed audio dramas, finally getting the last Gummi treasure (you'd think we would have finished Assault of the Dreadnaught last...), invitations to go swimming, and Host Club episode 7.
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