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How can you not know what a Klingon is?

We ended up missing the season finale of Smallville on Thursday because it was Enrichment Night, but fortunately! we were able to tape it. Or most of it anyway. We assume it ended on a horrible cliffhanger anyway, so it's really not that big a deal that we missed the very end. Though I am finding myself wondering if Zod "killed" Lana. That would be a pretty bad cliffhanger.

As it got closer and closer to the end (of the episode and the tape; man it would be nice if we could set a timer), I realized more and more how much I want to get the Justice League animated series on DVD. Maybe we'll ask Mom for that in exchange for keeping score at the baseball game today. Or maybe we'll ask for fabric for church clothes, since that's kind of more important. Man it would be nice to not be poor anymore.

Anyway, last night actually went very well. We only have two real complaints. The first is that when Steve was driving us over there he said, "I hear your apartment's getting pretty hot. What you might want to do is try leaving the windows open..." And we're like, "Gee, Steve, thanks! We never thought of that! Because we're retards." Oy.

After dinner we played 20th Anniversary Trivial Pursuit, and we actually did surprisingly well. It was us and Sarah (who was only sort of playing) against Mom and Steve, and both teams had gotten all six wedges and we were trying to answer the final question in the center when Survivor came on and we had to stop playing. It's possible that we were only saved by the fact that neither of them seems to know much about science, but hey, it kept them from winning long enough for us to catch up. And fortunately, they have two TVs, so we got to watch Charmed while they watched Survivor, and we didn't have to miss the second-to-last episode.

It was after Charmed that our second complaint comes in, and it's not for our sake so much as for our annoyance with people disregarding any standards they may have because they're inconvenient. Survivor was going to be on for another two hours, and according to Mom, Steve wanted to get comfortable and couldn't. I don't know exactly what that means, but I'm glad we didn't find out. Anyway, because Steve wanted to get comfortable, Sarah was asked to take us home.

Now some of you may remember that a while ago, Sarah got into a very bad car accident, and it was a miracle that all she hurt was her knee. Because of this, Sarah is able to get out of driving with the excuse that she's scared. We don't blame her, though, because we've been driving with her since the accident, and she completely missed a few stop signs. Her other reason for not wanting to take us is that she hadn't been able to use the Internet for a week, and she didn't want to leave it now that she finally had an opportunity to use it.

Understandably, Mom was not very happy with Sarah's attitude. They had a discussion about it, which for some reason uncharacteristic of us we chose not to listen to, and it was decided that Steve would drive us home after Survivor. So we hung out until then, and Mom drove us home for some unknown but not unappreciated reason.

On the way home, Mom told us that she wasn't too happy with Sarah, and that Sarah drives to all her fun stuff, but whenever it's something that Mom wants her to do, she uses the manipulative excuse that she's scared. This is not a cool thing to do, but Athena and I have been worried about Sarah's driving for a while now, and frankly, we're a bit scared of Sarah driving, too. Athena told Mom she thinks Sarah needs to go driving more often with an experienced driver, who can say things like, "Stop sign," when there's a stop sign and other things like that.

Then it was revealed that the cause of Sarah's accident was that she was with a friend who didn't know how to drive, but was telling her how to anyway, and Sarah listened. Our take on it is that Sarah needs someone who actually knows what they're talking about to coach her more, and that will help build her confidence about real driving laws so that she won't listen to people who don't know what they're talking about.

Mom told us that since the accident, she and Steve have been very strict about not letting Sarah drive with passengers until her one-year thingie is up. She remembered to excuse their exception this time by saying, "We were going to overlook that this time because you two are over 21," to which Athena's response was, "So it's okay if we die." After a pause, she had to point out that she was totally kidding.

But that's what really bugs me. Mom says that she and Steve are being so strict about this rule, but the one time it's inconvenient for them, they decide it doesn't count. And then they complain that Sarah makes excuses when it's inconvenient for her. And it's not that I think it's wrong to be annoyed when you're being inconvenienced--I'm as lazy as they come. But when you're bending your own rules that you yourself set, that seems wrong to me. It's like standards mean nothing.

And that's my rant for today. I always worry that someone will read my rants and think, "What a hypocrite! Doesn't she remember when...?" In that case, maybe you should comment so I can fix it.

In a completely different topic, while we were playing Trivial Pursuit, Sarah got bored and pulled out a dollar-bill origami book. She was flipping through it and saying, "I could make a..." with whatever seemed interesting. At one point she said, "I can make a clean-gone bird of prey...?" And we're all like, "Klingon? You don't know what a Klingon is!?" The girl's father was in an episode of Next Generation and did a writer's internship for Voyager, and she didn't know what a Klingon is. We'll have to excuse her though; she's a cheerleader.

Today I'm thankful for peanut-buttery fudge, being able to record stuff on video, not having missed Charmed last night, today's cloudy weather, and Sarah no longer caring about perfect attendance.
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