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I figure it's about time I post part two. I was really hoping Jonathan would get to see this...

Anyway, I meant to explain this last time, but it kind of escaped. So for anyone who was wondering, GF stands for Guardian Force, and is the general term for summon beasts in FFVIII.

And without further ado...

As Carbunkle continued looking for a new playmate, he met a beautiful blue woman GF named Shiva. “Whoo baby! Gotta get me some of that!” said Carbunkle. Just kidding!

“I’m so lonely. Will you play with me?” he asked.

“You poor thing! I’m sorry, but I don’t have time right now. I have to get ready for my date.” And she left. Then Carbunkle came to the house of a GF named Diablos. Even though he was scared, he was so lonely that he asked Diablos anyway. NOOO CARBUNKLE!! STAY GOOD, STAY GOOD!!! But, back to the story.

“Will you play with me?”

“I’m very sorry, but I have important matters to attend to. But you can play with my dog while I’m away,” he said with an evil grin. Because he was evil. I mean, with a name like ‘Diablos’ you should have seen that coming. But, back to the story.

“Cerberus, play with Carbunkle.” So Cerberus played with Carbunkle. Tag seemed to be Cerberus’s favorite game, but he played very rough. It seemed like Cerberus wanted to eat Carbunkle. Carbunkle was starting to dislike tag. He decided to leave Cerberus and let him play by himself. But Cerberus didn’t like that. He chased and chased Carbunkle until he caught him. Then he ate Carbunkle. With a little dijionaise mustard. Just kidding! Then he met a fire GF named Ifrit.

"Will you play with me?” Carbunkle asked him. “Not right now!” Ifrit said.

Carbunkle started to leave, but then Ifrit said, “Wait! I think I will play with you. Follow me.” Carbunkle followed Ifrit into a restaurant where Shiva and Diablos were having dinner. Ifrit picked up Carbunkle and threw him at Diablos. Carbunkle screamed. Diablos kicked him away. Shiva said, “What a manly man!” and gave Diablos a big kiss. Meanwhile, Carbunkle smashed into a wall. Just kidding! “You horrible person!” Shiva yelled. “Don’t worry, I’ll save him!” called out Ifrit. He caught Carbunkle safely and set him down. “What a manly man!” said Shiva, and gave Ifrit a big kiss. Diablos snorted and walked out of the restaurant. Everybody ignored Carbunkle. He was very sad. Carbunkle really wished Moomba would come back.

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