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Not that I'm really expecting to be gone until past midnight, but there is a possible that later events cause us to spend the rest of the night playing Final Fantasy X, so I figure I should update now.

Church was really good. I was shaken up by various things this morning, so I had a hard time getting myself to play the piano properly at first. I mean, "Come, Come Ye Saints" is not a difficult song to play, I shouldn't have messed up as much as I did. It probably didn't help that the air conditioning was blowing right toward the piano, so I was shaken up and frozen stiff. But we had some really good lessons in Sunday School and in Relief Society, so we were able to get over our annoyance from the Mother's Day Sacrament Meeting. We are bitter, bitter people. I think I could have ignored it if I wasn't already angry about other things, and if I wasn't faced with the idea of having to write up a card for Mom.

Really, Mom hasn't been that bad for a long time. It is frustrating that she seems to think we're still trying to sabotage her marriage, but that could just be our jumping to conclusions. Anyway, certain things brought up certain memories and it was just painful all around. But afterward we got fudge, so it wasn't all bad.

Steve will be here in ten minutes or so to pick us up, so I'd better end this. Today I'm thankful for the excellent lessons we had in church today, getting fudge, Sundays when the piano isn't directly under the air conditioning, kitties who are happy to see us come home, and King Tamaki.
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