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Nothing wakes you up in the morning like high-pitched beeping. And not your ordinary alarm clock beeping, either. This was like, ear-splitting high-pitched. And literally, too; I'm not just saying that because it was annoying. Although Athena points out that my ear didn't actually split, but it did hurt for a while. It was really weird, though, because neither of us could get back to sleep afterward, and it happened before eight o'clock. We had been planning to get up earlier than we have been anyway, but that was ridiculous.

As it turned out, it was probably a good thing it happened, because then I was fully awake when Steve called. We knew it was coming, but we kind of expected it to happen later in the day. He invited us over to their place for Mother's Day. This is something we've been dreading, because we still haven't gotten over a lot of stuff. But this time we were ready, because from our last two times being with Mom when Steve was around, it had become clear that Mom doesn't like us to be around when Steve's around. It's weird--no Steve=cheerful, happy Mom; Steve="I can't believe my daughters are so terrible" Mom. So I told Steve that we didn't think Mom would particularly enjoy having us over there for Mother's Day, since she doesn't seem to like having us around.

When he pushed me and said of course that's not true, then I said that it was more like she doesn't like having us around when he's around. He responded by agreeing and telling me that she had told him she said something to us about it ("it" being her not liking our attitude? I guess? when Steve's around) last time. Actually, she seemed to be trying not to say anything about it, so my thoughts were, "Actually, she didn't, but thanks for proving our theory."

I'm not sure exactly why, because I can't remember, but I agreed to go over there anyway. Later, I called Mom to ask for a ride to the bank. On the way there, she told us Steve called her and told her about our phone conversation. She's like, "You didn't tell me Steve called you." And Athena's like, "You didn't ask." I really don't know why I would have told her Steve called, unless she asked. And last year it was supposed to be a secret, so I didn't even know (nor did I care) if I was allowed to tell her. But anyway, she told us it was silly to think she'd rather not have us around. I'm not fully convinced, but if she thinks she wants us there, then okay.

And now we have to figure out what to get her, because our fallback plan (peanut-butter squares) won't work because she's on Weight Watchers and we have no way of figuring out how many points they'd be.

Oh yeah! The bank! There was the cutest little boy wearing a Superman t-shirt (he was there with his mom) that said, "Saving the world before breakfast." It was an awesome shirt, so I told the boy, "I like your shirt," and he said, "Thank you I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." And then we were at a loss, because how are you supposed to respond to that? But it was very, very cute nevertheless.

And today I'm thankful for Superman t-shirts, Husky flashbacks, having gotten a ride to the bank, being able to get more treasures on Gummi missions, and bread heels.
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