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Random thoughts

I feel like I don't have anything interesting to write about. Not like that's stopped me before.

We saw the second half of Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy today. We had both been wondering what happened to it and when they were going to show it again and stuff, and then when we took a candy bar break and turned to the TV Guide channel to see what was on, there it was. It was annoying that we missed the first half, but these things happen. The Ultimate Enemy reminds me why Danny Phantom is my favorite show. I'd kind of forgotten, because the two most recent new episodes were both shown while we were playing through Kingdom Hearts II, and that really overshadowed Danny's coolness. Sorry Danny; we love you, but it's hard not to be distracted by Sora. You can't not love Sora.

Speaking of Danny! Last night's episode was really cute. It really made us wish we had Tivo, though, because we still don't know who played Gregor. That was driving us crazy. I do wonder what Danny's feelings are about Paulina currently. I'm sure I had more to say about it, but we're not done with Kingdom Hearts yet, so obviously I've forgotten.

Let's see, what else... early this morning I kept waking up with the battle music from Beast's Castle in my head. That's especially ironic because now that I'm fully awake I have a difficult time remembering what it sounds like, even though Athena just spent several hours right there in Beast's Castle.

And we just got to see the season/series(?) semi-finale of Teen Titans again. That episode (Titans Together) makes me happy, unlike the episode that comes after it, which is stupid and annoying. So yes, there was a lot of TV today. TV and laundry. I don't understand why laundry is such a hateful chore. Even when we had a washing machine in our apartment (actual apartment, not just the complex) and we kept all the dirty clothes right there next to it, for some reason the idea of transferring the clothes into the machine fills me with loathing. It's very strange. And yet all you really have to do is put your clothes into a machine, and then you can leave and do whatever you want while the machine does all the work. I don't understand it.

And that's all my random thoughts for tonight. Today I'm thankful for having clean clothes, getting to see The Ultimate Enemy again, having enough quarters to do laundry, getting to see Teen Titans (including Kid Flash♥), and cute Sena in his sumo outfit... if you could call it an outfit.
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