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I should write about yesterday, because it was a good day. Nothing spectacular, mostly just anime and TV, but I think I should recommend Trinity Blood, because it's neat. It's kind of bloody, since it's a vampire series, but it's a lot less bloody than it could be, and we appreciate that. It's kind of like someone took all those comments about Alucard from Hellsing and Vash from Trigun and made a series combining them into one character. And they gave him Koumyou's hair. From the burial chapter, when he had a ponytail. And Kazuya Nakai gets to be another really cool character. Actually, I've only seen most of his really cool characters (that I know of) dubbed, but that doesn't change the fact that he's played some really cool characters. Junichi Suwabe plays Cain, because really, who else could you get to play Cain? Or maybe I'm just making a generalization because he played Greed in FullMetal Alchemist and Seymour Guado in FFX.

Anyway, after we were feeling pretty good because we'd just watched the second episode of Trinity Blood, which, happily, was devoid of the heart-squishies which were in the first episode, we checked our e-mail and there was some good news from our boss. And I have reason to believe that we may not have received such good news had we accepted that other series we were anguishing about a while ago, so everything's happy.

And there was new Teen Titans, which is always a good thing, especially since we also got to see the one episode that we hadn't seen, because it was on after Everwood and Oreo was preventing Athena from getting up, so we figured we might as well see what else was on, and there it was.

So yeah. After all the stress from last week, yesterday was really nice. For the most part. It's always good to have those days that tell you that, even though everything's been completely insane and stressful, you're not going to die.
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