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Our poor, poor monitor

It's getting hotter, and that means our monitor blacks out occasionally from what we can only assume is overheating. This is mostly a problem because we can't work without our monitor, so now we have to figure out a work schedule that allows us to get enough work in as well as including breaks for the monitor to cool off. I foresee a lot of listening to Saiyuki vocal albums until we can get everything worked out. As long as we don't end up having to go nocturnal, everything should be fine.

In the meantime, now we're spending a little more time watching the Disney Channel. We stopped watching the Disney Channel a long time ago because there wasn't anything we were interested in watching on it, but then on Sunday Celeste and Sarah both mentioned seeing Disney 411 things about Kingdom Hearts II, so of course now we have to keep an eye out. So far we have managed to see one of them, and we're amazed at how much Haley Joel Osment looks and talks like blackhope. Celeste's right, though. It does look like he's trying to look more grown up and failing. He's kind of like Daisuke in that respect. We so wanted them to get him to be Daisuke in the DN Angel dub, but we knew it was unlikely.

It was awesome, though, because the Disney 411 kid was talking to this guy, and he asked him if he would say one of his lines from the game. We don't know anything about American celebrities other than Haley Joel Osment, so we had no idea who it was, and I was excited to find out. Then! the guy says, "Gawrsh, Sora, the Heartless are coming!" and it was the coolest thing ever!!! And now we've fulfilled another lifelong dream in having seen what the voice of Goofy looks like in real life.

In other news, Sora saved Athena's life yesterday. Not that Sora, the monkey Sora. We decided it was time to take Sora and Riku to Family Home Evening. The activity was dodgeball, but you know us, we never want to do anything, so much as I love dodgeball, we decided to stay on the stage and watch. This was partly out of fear of being snapped in half, since they were using jelly balls instead of Nerf balls, which is what we're used to from middle school, and some of those guys throw really hard. Also I was kind of disappointed that there were only three balls. Normally when you have more than five people to a team, I would assume you'd have more balls, so the game would be more fast-paced. Of course, that might just be because in middle school, we always had like twenty to forty balls. Now that was awesome.

So, as I mentioned, some of those guys throw really hard, and they're not quite so good with the aim. So instead of hitting the people on the team guarding the stage, one of the balls hit Athena square in the chest. Fortunately, she had Sora around her neck, and he cushioned the blow. She says she felt like she got some of the wind knocked out of her even with Sora there, so it's probably lucky he was. Though in our crazy need for attention we're kind of sad it wasn't serious, because then it might have gotten some kind of message across that the people on the stage aren't playing, so don't try to get them out. But then, we hate getting attention just because we're hurt, so it was probably better that way.

For some reason the Bishop has a thing where any time we're playing any kind of game, there has to be a "boys against girls" round. To show how messed up we are, Athena's first thought was, "Well that's not fair." And then the Bishop continued, "And the boys have to throw between their legs!" and her next thought was, "That's just sexist!" I agree with her on both counts. Really it wasn't that big a deal, but for some reason we couldn't get over it. And that's why I'm mentioning it here. Maybe we're just tired of all the FHE activities being sports-related.

Today I'm thankful for the time when our monitor does work, having Chex Mix to eat during Pepper Dennis, knowing what Bill Farmer (Goofy) looks like, the ease of finding the commercials we want on the Disney Channel, and cute Japanese envelopes.
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