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Be careful what you wish for.

Not that we were really moaning and complaining about our lack of snackfood before this weekend, just the occasional, "Aw man, I have the munchies." But now we have more cake than we could possibly wish for. Well, two. We used to always get two cakes for our birthday, but in a family of seven, that wasn't a whole lot of cake. But for two people whose favorite dessert was never really cake to begin with, it's a lot of cake. But now that we've been able to digest, the idea of eating the cake is a lot less disgusting, so it'll work out.

Dinner last night was... actually pretty uneventful. First I have to explain. When we were growing up, Mom would make these biscuit-type things that she always had when she was a kid in the South, made from flour, milk, butter, and I think a pinch of salt. At some point, she decided to take the dough from these biscuits, roll it out, cover it in browned hamburger, then roll it up into a cylinder and slice it to make hamburger biscuits. Athena and I have always loved hamburger biscuits, but for some reason the rest of our family never really cared for them. That's part of why we always hate being asked what we like to eat--because we like to eat weird things that nobody else likes. At any rate, we thought it would be nice to have them for our birthday, and told Mom so exactly a week ago. Only this time, Athena suggested Mom also make chili to put on top of them. 'Cause she's a genius.

And that's why there was a mild cause for alarm when Mom called and asked if we were still on for cake and ice cream. She went on to say that for dinner, she had been planning on making hamburger biscuits, but... This was not a good sign. As it turned out Sarah and her extracurriculars were causing problems again, because Steve had told Mom to have dinner at six, which was when, it turned out, Sarah had a Girls' Camp meeting. When Mom talked to Steve about it (on the phone, because he was still driving home from his business trip), he said to plan dinner for five-thirty. Mom didn't want to do that, because that would be making Sarah eat and run yet again. So she was thinking of having dinner at seven. I have no idea why on earth that would have been a problem or would have caused her to make something other than hamburger biscuits, but the crisis was averted, because we didn't care when dinner was as long as we got our hamburger biscuits. When I told Mom that Steve could deal with waiting for dinner because it was our birthday, she actually laughed. This is contrary to her behavior later that night.

When we got there, Steve was gone, but Sarah was still there, so we had a nice time talking with her. Then Steve got home and Sarah had to leave, so there was a question of what to do while we waited for Sarah to get back. Obviously, because the Twins have evil poisoned tongues, the first suggestion was to watch a movie. My theory is that this is to keep us quiet and thus prevent us from hurting Steve. We were a bit hesitant, because we don't like stopping movies in the middle, and they were talking like that was an inevitability. But we told them what the problem was, so then they suggested we play a game, only sarcastically, probably because they knew we wouldn't want to. Mom also suggested she take us home and we forget the whole thing, as if we were being argumentative just to be argumentative, and not because we really don't like stopping movies in the middle. This really isn't very surprising, because there was one time back when they were dating that they were trying to decide what to do, and we kept suggesting new things instead of settling on one. Anyone who knows us would know that we're terrible at deciding what to do with people, because when there are a bunch of options, we want to choose the very best one. But anyone who's dating and insecure and thinks we're out to foil all their plans would probably think it was pure malevolence.

Anyway, we finally decided that if we watched a Disney movie, it would be close enough to being over by the time Sarah got home that nobody would mind watching to the end before dinner. So we watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I know Mom really likes God Help the Outcasts, but I wish she'd realize that it kind of ruins the effect of the movie to have someone singing along. That's what you buy the soundtrack for. Other than that, we enjoyed the movie, as we knew we would because it's one of our favorites.

Sarah did get home around the climax of the movie, so we had dinner right after. A lot of dinner was spent talking about Steve's business trip and Sarah's parade (the one that prevented us from going to Disneyland). Sarah did realize that a lot of her plans were upsetting our plans and apologized without our prompting, and we appreciate that. It was annoying listening to Steve's stories, because he's not that great a storyteller, nor are his stories really all that interesting (although that may just be us). Often he'd say something that would cause us and Sarah to go off on a tangent, at which point Mom would stop us and ask if we were listening to Steve. I managed to entertain myself by adding lines in my head like, "I guess you had to be there," or reminding myself of another person's opinion of Steve (that he's the most actively boring man she knows), though I'm not sure if looking amused was a good thing. I wouldn't want to encourage him. Wow, I'm evil. Still, it's very frustrating that it was our birthday and we had to spend a lot of it hearing all about Steve's drunken coworkers.

There were times Steve actually talked about something interesting, and there were times we disagreed with Steve and said so. I think it was during the latter times that Mom was afraid we would make Steve want to divorce her. We have no proof for this theory, but she did seem kind of upset. I also complained about the lack of presents, but I would have done that with close friends just as well as with family. We don't need presents, but if we don't get them, chances are the lack of presents will be mentioned. Though probably not to any of our friends here, because we haven't known them long enough. Except probably our home teacher.

And so, realizing that we weren't angels during our visit, when we got in the car for Mom to take us home, I said, "I'm sorry we're such brats," to which her response was, "Did I say you were brats?" to which the answer is always, "No, but you thought it." Because it's generally true. If we weren't being brats, she would have said something more along the lines of, "Oh, you weren't being brats." We didn't get any lectures, though, so I guess you could call it a good night. We were still annoyed when we got home, and we had to play some Final Fantasy X to help ourselves feel better. All in all, it was a really good dinner, and it was fun talking to Sarah, and we love Hunchback of Notre Dame. But we do wish we hadn't missed Charmed.

So that was that. I really wish the text window wouldn't keep getting so wide that I have to scroll to the right before I can scroll up. It makes it very difficult to edit. Ah well. It's getting warmer, which is scary, because here there doesn't seem to really be a "warm." It's either hot or cold. And I need to stop talking so gloomy. So today I'm thankful for all the birthday wishes we got yesterday and the day before, leftover hamburger biscuits, being able to work on another new series, having cake to eat during 8 Simple Rules, and it not being quite hot enough for the cats to have to spend all day on the kitchen or bathroom floor to keep cool.
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