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Happy birthday to us~~

So, as I and several of our friends have mentioned on LiveJournal, today is our birthday!! Tadah!!!

We're 24 this year, a fact I had a hard time remembering for a while due to some confusion with Mom claiming we were 24 before, but then Athena's like, "Duh," and I'm like, "Oh yeah, math." And now I remember because 24 is the show with Jack Bauer. It also makes us older than Gojyo and Hakkai, which is kind of depressing, but they're fictional, so I guess it can't be helped. And we're still younger than Shigure!

Our day started out with a phonecall from Dad at 8:30. He called exactly an hour before our alarm was set to go off. But it's understandable, because he wanted to make sure he called before church, and if we had church at nine, he would have missed us if he called any later. It just makes me a little sad, because I was tired, so I sounded tired, so Dad kept it a little short. Oh well, at least we got to go back to sleep.

When our ride picked us up for church, I noticed a few packages in the front seat of her car, which I treated like normal packages, because I didn't know if she knew it was our birthday, and how embarrassing would that be if I acted like they were for us and they weren't? Too many TV shows have taught us to be careful in dealing with such things. But as it turns out, they were for us!! Yay!! First she said we had to wear the leis that were on top of the one giftbag, so that everyone would know it was a special day. Again, we're still wearing them now. It made me regret not wearing our Hawaiian dresses, since it's now warm enough and I had honestly thought about it, but thinking about it, it's better that we didn't, because then people might just think we were having a Hawaiian day or something. And then we opened the two packages--we each got a box of gourmet cookies.

And then we found out that our ride to church is the best gift-giver ever when I took the tissue paper out of the giftbag and saw that it was literally packed with Nestle candy bars. Crunch, Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, 100 Grand... and like five of each at least. This is especially happy for us, because before we had our long long poor spell (even during it, when we splurged), we would always each have a candy bar to eat between lunch and dinner. Okay, so not really always, more like once or twice a week. We don't usually eat dessert, and we're not always snacking on candy, so don't think we're junk food junkies or anything. Just one candy bar each between lunch and dinner. But we're still recovering from the poor spell, so this sudden wealth of candy bars is very happy indeed.

Church was really good today. A lot of people bore their testimonies about how God will always take care of you when you're doing the right thing (we had fast & testimony meeting today because we have Stake Conference next week), which is something I always had a testimony of, but it really does help to get reminders from others. Especially since the Nova thing fell through and we're still trying to figure out where we need to go next. So for now, we'll just keep working on what we have, follow a few leads for finding more work, and just be ready when the right opportunity arises. Tadah! I was kind of planning on doing that anyway, but it's nice to get confirmation and stuff. Or something.

And now we're waiting for Mom or someone to come pick us up for dinner, and suddenly the scary thought hit me that Steve might be the one picking us up. It's dealable. We could be going over there any time between now and like seven for all I know. All we know is that Steve told Mom that his business meeting ends at three today, and then he has a three hour drive back. We're still trying to decide what movie we want to bring. I don't know why they always act like they're being so nice to let us bring our own movie. If we wanted to watch our own movie, we'd do it at home where we know no one's going to be falling asleep. But then we're like, "Maybe they might be affected slightly by the message in this movie..." and then we come up with others, and now we can't decide. On the one hand, it would be nice to watch Lilo & Stitch, since we don't actually have our own copy of that, and they probably haven't really watched it either (Sarah got it as a present once, so she took it with her in the move). But on the other hand, they have that whole, "Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind or forgotten," thing, which is a very awesome message, but we happen to be trying to figure out how we're going to move away. Although... it might actually be good to watch anyway for other reasons. I don't know; it's complicated. We'll work something out. At any rate, we're definitely looking forward to dinner.

Today I'm thankful for plush hedgehogs, Hawaiian leis, pretty princess crowns, gourmet cookies, and having a wealth of candy bars.
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