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Well, I think it might take to long to explain what triggered our dislike of Steve, so maybe I'll do that later, maybe after submitting a few more happy entries. But I can at least give the details of what happened last night.

We had just had a pretty good night, as previously stated. Sarah made dinner, we had an interesting discussion on shielding kids versus teaching them and letting them make their own decisions (Steve was for shielding; Athena, Aurora, and I were for teaching; Sarah doesn't like any sort of discussion where people raise their voices; and Mom just sat and listened), we played Scene It, where we had hoped Aurora would be able to kick Steve's butt, but were disappointed when they kept getting questions like, "Name the sequel to the movie Ghostbusters," and then Aurora went home so we watched "Charmed" with Sarah while Mom and Steve did other stuff (good future Wyatt is so adorable!!).

So when Charmed was over, they wanted to watch an episode of Survivor that Steve missed, and we wanted to go home, but before anything was really decided, Steve decided it was time for show and tell, which he said was specifically for our benefit. Then he brought out something that looked very much like a katana. We go, "Oh. A katana." He says, "Feel how sharp it is!" and swings it down onto Athena's knees before anyone has time to protest.

Theoretically, this was a funny joke, because it was just a toy sword, and, even though it's made of steel, it's no sharper than a butter knife. So Athena jumping up and moving as far away from Steve as she could while I called him an evil sadist were just our overreactions. And he was trying to be loving and friendly, and by expecting him to not make jokes like that, we're expecting him to change for us, which isn't fair... according to Mom.

I will admit that technically, telling someone to feel how sharp a sword is is not a threat. Swinging it at them, however, I think probably is. Now, what we forgot to mention to them is that we know several people who have real swords, thus making the joke a lot less funny. Mom also defends him by saying that no one in their right mind would swing a real sword at someone, but we kind of think that no one in their right mind would think swinging a fake sword at someone (except during stage productions or movies) was funny. Also, when you have something that looks a great deal like a sword coming at you, you're probably not going to be thinking clearly enough to think, "No one in their right mind would swing a real sword at me. This must be fake."

And for some reason, whenever people try things like this, they go to Athena, which, I feel, is stupider, because I might not be as freaked out by the threat, but I am very protective. Steve actually isn't the first person to do something like this, although the first guy just took a pair of scissors to Athena's braid, which wouldn't have caused as much physical pain (to Athena) had it been a real threat. I wonder if it's because guys who are used to everyone liking them want to take out their repressed frustration at being disliked. Steve had just recently been told by someone other than us (I guess when the actual person says it, they never really mean it?) that we don't like him.
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