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Busy again

Today is another day that turned out to be busier than usual. Just this one project...the one from late July/early August--it came back. And, just like last time, it took longer than we expected it to. And today that was even based on having already gotten started on it and knowing roughly how long it should have taken. It's the project that insists on taking longer than you expected. I think there's some law about're supposed to always plan on things taking longer than you expect, even when accounting for that law...? Don't remember what it's called, but it definitely applied here.

It was just a teeny tiny bit extra stressful this time, because we needed to meet with a counselor in the bishopric today at six. But we made it! Only like a couple of minutes late. And the project is now done for good, unless we're recruited to work on the next season. But that won't be a thing until the next season actually exists.

So to relieve some stress, we decided tonight was a night for watching cartoons, and we watched the first three episodes of Miraculous Season 4 again. It's always a good time. Chat Noir's voice is so sing-songy in all of them, I love it.

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing that project, getting to watch Miraculous again, Adrien's bad liar voice, getting to go outside for a little bit (I guess we could do that any time we wanted...), and getting to eat some mint chip Haagen Dasz ice cream.
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