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Happy day

Today was full of good stuff! We took the day off, so that was probably part of it. And we got to sleep in a little bit. And then we went to the temple! We hadn't been to the temple since, like, February of 2020! I mean, they all closed soon after that, but I think our temple has been open for months now. And we finally went today! And it was nice.

And then we played video games! We finally unlocked the one route we hadn't unlocked yet, and then we spent a billion years trying to get Rockruff saving his friends. We activated the event, like, three times before we managed to get the right picture. But we finally did!

Grawp called, too. Someone he knows from school was playing Minecraft at the time, and Grawp suspected this person was waiting to invade Grawp's own Minecraft world, so he and Athena played Super Smash Bros. instead. That was nice, too! ...And then, once a sufficient amount of time had passed, they went back to Minecraft.

And tonight, we finally got to watch the Mamoru Miyano concert we wanted to watch on Friday! It was really good! ...But we learned that our attention spans for concerts are not the best. I think one hour would have been a really great length for us. This one was two. But Miyano-kun was super adorable, trying to be all sexy and laughing at his own jokes. I do wonder whose idea it was to have him cough at one point... Anyway, Hikari Sasu Hou e is a pretty amazing song.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the temple, finally unlocking that route in Pokemon Snap (we did use internet help, but dang, the way to unlock it is specific), getting to play Smash Bros. with Grawp, getting to watch that concert, and also getting to watch an episode of Miraculous.
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