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Athena and I were just sitting here talking about what to write in LiveJournal, and our discussion turned to our church callings and how she does all the hard stuff while all I do is play the piano. I know a lot of people hesitate to let their ward leaders know they can play the piano, because apparently it's very nerve-wracking, or something? to play the piano at church, but for me it's just like I get to go up there and have fun, while Athena makes all the decisions, and she's the Primary song leader, which, according to our logic, is probably one of the toughest callings, especially for an introvert. Like, an introverted Primary pianist is still hiding behind the piano, no big deal.

So we were talking about how Athena's calling is pretty tough, and then she goes, "...Although, I did do it voluntarily in Girl Scouts," which is true. Whenever we went to Girl Scout Camp, Athena and I were the ones to get up in front of everybody and say, "Come on, girls, let's SING!" and then we'd lead all the repeat songs and call-and-response songs, and it was a grand old time. But thinking back on it in the moment, Athena was like, "...What was wrong with me?" And I just thought that was the funniest thing to say, so I decided to write about it. ...But maybe you had to be there.

Today I'm thankful for fun reminiscences, finally unlocking that one alternate route in Pokemon Snap, finishing our monthly simulpub chapter relatively quickly, being ready to go to the temple tomorrow, and having a lovely chat with Mom and Steve.
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