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Busy day

Oh boy, today was long. We knew it would be, because we had to make up for the work we didn't get done on Friday, and translate a chapter of Edens Zero, and we were vaguely aware that the children had the day off from school today. So even though we forgot that Grawp would likely be calling us any minute, we were only mildly surprised when he did call us before lunch. He seems to be growing tired of the minecrafting, but apparently none of the other games his family has are cool enough to distract him from it for long. But he did try to delete his save data on Pokemon Sword so he could play through the story again (his attempt failed because of parental controls).

But we finished it all! And we only had dinner an hour late! It was 7:30 by the time we got to Animal Crossing, which means the meteor shower that surprised us today was already going on! That's only a bit of a shame, because a friend of ours from church just got Animal Crossing for her birthday, and if we'd had more notice, we could have invited her to wish on some stars. But it's probably just as well that she gets more time to familiarize herself with the game beforehand. Anyway, Celeste the Owl gave us a recipe for a star head, so we're super excited.

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing this volume of In/Spectre (it was a really good volume, but there were so many words), getting to do another chapter of Edens Zero, getting to play Minecraft and other games with Grawp, eventually managing to have dinner, and getting a star head in Animal Crossing.
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