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Internet outage

I was sitting here trying to think if anything worth writing about happened today when I remembered that something did happen, but it was yesterday, but I didn't write about it, because the thing was that our internet got killed for several hours. The timing was pretty bad, too, because we were in the middle of an online chat trying to get input for a line of dialogue we were translating, and then our internet died, so from their perspective we would have just randomly disappeared. (Fortunately(?), only lyschan was still invested at that point, and we were able to text her to let her know why we vanished.)

For our perspective, it was like, "What...? What happened to our internet?" We tried all the things we could, like restarting the computer, restarting the router, etc. etc. And while we were waiting for something to boot up, I was passing the time by looking something up on my phone...and my phone wasn't connected to the wi-fi, either, so that told us it was probably not our computer's problem. Eventually we got a text message from our provider letting us know there was an outage, and saying they should have it fixed in about two hours. Two hours came and went with no return of the internet, but we did get a text telling us the internet was back...even though it wasn't.

At about 3:30, we got an email from our apartment managers, who apparently had been yelling at our internet provider (they recently upgraded the laundry rooms so now you pay the machine via internet! isn't technology grand?, she asked sarcastically), and they were able to tell us that apparently a fiberoptic cable had been broken.

By the time we went to bed last night, there was still no internet. It was actually a pretty great day for us. We do have a deadline on Monday, but we have little enough left to do that we think we can finish on time, and without the internet, trying to get the work done would have been a nightmare, so we took the day off and spent it playing video games. We dug up a ton of flowers on our island in Animal Crossing, did some decorating for Halloween, snapped some Pokemons, and even played Super Smash Bros.! Grawp called to play Minecraft, and our lack of internet was not a deterrent in our playing together, either. He just said, "Okay, we'll create our own worlds in Survival Mode and race to see who finished their house first." He won, naturally.

The internet was back today, and...that's pretty much it. We did check out a new show on Netflix called A Tale Dark & Grimm, and the title is not kidding. It starts out by saying, "Once upon a time, fairy tales were awesome," and then it says no, no, not like the happy flowery ones we have now, and that's when it had me side-eyeing it suuuuuuuper hard, because I think happy flowery fairy tales are awesome. And then it was all dark and grim, in I guess a way they figured was kid-friendly, but it absolutely would have given us nightmares as children. We would certainly have decided we're done with it by the end of the first episode (we might not have even finished watching that if we didn't have a policy to 1)give everything at least an episode, and 2)watch the credits), but there was a thing that happened towards the very beginning that had me going, "But...WHY!?!?!?" So there's a slight possibility we'll go back to it in the hopes that they answer that question (it's only ten episodes, so not a huge investment, fortunately), but we'll see.

Today I'm thankful for our internet-provider-sponsored day off, getting to try some new shows today (we also watched Blue Period, and it feels really weird doing the simulcast thing on Netflix), a working freezer, getting to watch two episodes of Miraculous today to make up for not watching one yesterday, and the Mamoru Miyano concert being available for a week because we didn't get to watch it last night which is when we signed up for.
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