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Back in the mines

There was a lot of Minecraft today. Grawp kindly waited until he saw that Athena was playing the Switch, and then immediately called and asked her to join him. It was very cute, too, because he specifically said after she finished with Animal Crossing. But we knew that Athena's rounds in Animal Crossing would probably take so long that his Switch time would be up by the time she finished, so she did the abbreviated version.

And then his time ran out anyway. His mom was right there, though, and she said she would give him 20 more minutes if he would do a writing exercise right now. Apparently he has a writing workbook that's Minecraft themed, because he appears to be going through a phase where the only way to get him to do anything that is not actual Minecraft is to make it Minecraft themed. So he wrote about one of his favorite Minecraft mobs. He must have chosen the wolf, because his mother was overheard helping him by saying, "What's an example of how the wolf fights for you?" This immediately reminded Athena of the time Grawp's wolf attacked her, because Grawp had just attacked her, thus marking her as The Enemy. ...So Grawp wrote a little essay about how his Minecraft wolf helped him fight his aunt.

And then he got to play Minecraft again. Meanwhile, we kept going back and forth between Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Minecraft, and Pokemon Snap. It probably would have been more efficient to just stay in Minecraft, but we didn't really have anything to do there except watch Grawp, so when he wasn't playing, we switched. Also meanwhile, Grawp's siblings were trying to figure out how they could earn more Switch time, while their mother was saying she didn't think there were enough hours in the day for all of them to play on the Switch that much.

Today I'm thankful for coming thiiiiiiis close to reaching our work quota, managing to finish the rounds in Animal Crossing, activating the Tyranitar/Zeraora fight again, mundane Halloween costumes, and getting to have some Dove chocolate.
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