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Not much to report today. Our work schedule got thrown off by a lengthy online discussion about preferred translation script formats, which started as a discussion about how many letters to include in sound effects. Apparently the letterers don't like it when you use too many...which is a bit of a problem, because sometimes I pay attention, and sometimes I just hit the key a bunch of times and trust that somebody down the line will have the sense to change the length as necessary. I don't know how much extra effort that would add for them, but I'm kind of like, "I had to type up this whole script from nothing, so surely it's not that hard to remove or add a few letters here and there?" But I didn't get a chance to ask that in the discussion. Hmm.

There was also Minecraft. Grawp has been remembering our existence more, possibly because Athena called him on Friday to ask if he wanted to catch a Popplio in a Max Raid Battle with her. He did not. But he called back on Saturday, willing to do some Max Raid Battles. But then he confessed he wasn't that interested in the Alolan starters and started playing Minecraft. Athena continued to play Pokemon, and he respected her wishes to catch Alolan starters. And now that the event is over, it's back to Minecraft. We're playing on Creative Mode now, which kind of makes the idea of going mining super pointless, so we have to figure out what kind of stuff would be fun to build.

Today I'm thankful for getting a decent amount of work done despite letting ourselves get distracted, reminders to be careful about how many letters things have, the much cooler weather we've been enjoying, our patio gate being fixed, and the super cute spooky trick lamp in Animal Crossing.
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