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Whew, today has been busy! But not in the way we expected. I mean, we're on In/Spectre, and we did work on that, and it was pretty much the level of difficulty we expect from that series, but we had a bunch of other stuff today, too, including going to Target to buy cat food! But I guess that's the boring part. It was fun for us, though. They had a Pikachu dress for little girls that was sooooooo cute! We wanted to get it for one or both of our nieces, but neither of them is really into Pokemon. Super cute dress, though.

More importantly, Sora is coming to Smash Brothers! What! I had sort of thought of that as a possibility, one time, fleetingly, in the unspecified past. And now here it is, for real! We'll be able to play as Sora in Smash Brothers! I can hardly believe it.

...But...when we first got our Switch, the memory card we got was a mere...what was it, 64G? Which of course was not nearly enough, as we kept getting digital game after digital game. I may have mentioned before that, when Breath of the Wild was on sale, we bought it and then proceeded to not download it, because we just found out we didn't have enough space. And then there was an update for Pokemon Snap! so we had to clear some space on our memory card (or the system? I don't remember what we had where), so Smash Brothers was sacrificed because we hadn't played it in forever.

Fortunately, the Breath of the Wild incident had already inspired us to buy a new, much bigger memory card, so Athena spent some time today transferring all our games so that they're all either on the system memory or the big memory card. It was an ordeal--one memory card into the Switch, move stuff around, switch memory cards, repeat. And now we have re-downloaded Smash Brothers! ...But we still don't have Breath of the Wild. There's not much point in downloading it before we finish Skyward Sword, because we won't play it before then.

And! we bought a...ticket, or whatever they call stream Mamoru Miyano's concert this weekend! We're excited!

Today I'm thankful for getting to chat with lots of family members today, getting to buy some chocolate at Target (unfortunately, all the seasonal chocolate was either regular with fancy packaging, or pumpkin spice, so we just went with normal milk chocolate Dove), Sora coming to Smash Brothers!, getting to see a Mamoru Miyano concert, and getting to watch another episode of Miraculous again.
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