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It's raining, it's pouring♪

Oh man, we just had a thunderstorm outside, with marble-sized hail! Hale? Hail... *looks it up* Hail. It was quite distracting during our daily Miraculous viewing.

We also watched the second Seven Deadly Sins movie! It was okay. Which is to say, our reaction to it was, "...Okay." It makes sense that, now that they've beat the demon king, they have to beat the Supreme Deity, so that's fine, I guess. But if Meliodas and Elizabeth are going to go on a honeymoon to visit all the places they remember from their 3,000 years of being sort-of together, then WHY can't we get the story of how they actually met!? I mean, I like this series, and it gave me a lot of things that made me happy, but this is one thing that I really, really, really wanted to find out, and they never ever ever told us! And it's bumming me out. And I don't have the time or the money to read through however many volumes of manga it is to see if maybe it's in there.

Today I'm thankful for getting a teeny tiny head start on our In/Spectre edit, getting to watch the Seven Deadly Sins movie, having a roof to shield us from the hail, getting a recipe for a spooky tree in Animal Crossing, and the mosquitoes this year not being quite as heinous as they were two years ago.
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