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Having a really nice day, really nice day, really nice day~~~

So today, like I mentioned earlier, we went to see The Wild. our anime buddy picked us up, and as soon as we opened the door to let her in, she presented us each with a bag of Chex Mix and a little paper crown, which she told us we were required to wear. She hasn't really seen us in similar situations, but anyone who has would have known that we wouldn't even need to be told once, and those crowns wouldn't be coming off all day. I'm still wearing mine. But the Chex Mix alone would have made my day. Our anime buddy is too good to us.

The movie turned out to be a lot better than I thought it was. That means it started out alright, then it got kind of boring in the middle, but then it was pretty awesome. Heck, it was worth it just for the Really Nice Day song. The problem was that the characters were kind of fun, but not done quite well enough. There were only two people to be the tsukkomi (I think that's the straightman in English, but I really don't know comedy terms), and one of them was busy trying to cover up his secret and the other one was always somewhere else. And I was sad that the snake was completely insane, in a goofy way. Snakes are supposed to be cooler than that. But we were pleasantly surprised that Ryan (the little lion) is played by Greg Cipes (Beast Boy in Teen Titans). I also think the boringness in the middle can be attributed to them having a lot of story to tell, which required them to focus on characters I didn't care about, which bored me. But it's really a fun movie. If you can catch a twilight show or a dollar show, definitely check it out.

After the movie, we decided to go to In and Out, and then we were too full to go to Coldstone's, so we went to the mall to go to the Disney Store to see if they had the koala toys they were selling in The Wild. But alas, they were closed. And so we headed over to Coldstone's where we each got very delicious ice cream, but none of us had the stomach capacity to fully enjoy it, sadly. Athena is very, very happy that they have peanut butter as an add-in, because she was torn between her chocolate deprivation and her wanting of peanut butter ice cream. But then she saw someone else getting peanut butter as an add-in, and all her dreams came true. Apparently Heath bars go very well with chocolate and peanut butter.

We took our ice cream to our anime buddy's place, because Coldstone's was too crowded to eat it there. We realized she was plotting something when she suggested we stay outside to eat our ice cream. It didn't help that she would occasionally get calls on her cell phone which she would take in private. But we had an awesome time eating our ice cream, even though none of us could really stomach it, because Eric Idle was the one who wrote the Really Nice Day song, and that got us started quoting Monty Python. And then we got to tell her all about the Hercules animated series. Good stuff.

Finally, a car pulled up, and our anime buddy said, "We can go inside now!" She realized the surprise probably wasn't much of a surprise by then, but we really were surprised to see who had shown up. It was a friend from the ward and her brother and sister, and she handed us each a present ($15 Target gift cards; oh yes, they will be used). Presents were definitely unexpected, but certainly not unwelcome.

So we went inside, and there was a banner that said Happy Birthday! and balloons, and even more presents! We got a lot of little Disney princess things, and some cups and bowls, and some body wash, and! these little plush hedgehogs that are sooooo cute! We're going to name them Hikaru and Kaoru, but we'll wait until we see the next episode of Host Club before we decide which will be which. Our anime buddy made her brother turn off Kingdom Hearts so they could sing Happy Birthday, and there was cake. That was really the extent of what we were expecting from the surprise party, so it was all very exciting. She and her family are too good to us. And then we played DDR, where I nearly killed myself doing Standard Mode on Kick the Can. It would have been really fun if I hadn't already been exhausted. And then we watched Justice League, which was sad because it didn't have the Flash, but happy because we like Justice League even without him. I hope Hawkman gets a nice girlfriend. He deserves it.

And then we came home, and I still had time to get in a LiveJournal entry for today! So all in all, we had a really nice day, really nice day, really nice day~~~~~! And today I'm thankful for our really nice day, getting to see The Wild, our anime buddy who is far too good to us, surprise parties, and birthday crowns.
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