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Conference weekend!

Whew, today was a very good but very long day. It was the first day of the semi-annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! And there were three whole sessions! Before, there would be two general sessions on Saturday, and a third one either for the men or the women (depending on if it was in April or October), and the third one would be just a little bit shorter. Now, they changed it so it's three sessions for everyone! And the third one is just as long as the other two. It's great for getting more spiritual nourishment, but it is a lot of church for one day.

We also had a bit of a mishap that resulted in some extra energy expenditure on my part. Grawp called about half an hour before the second session, and Athena went to turn on the TV for the Switch, but the TV wasn't turning on. It doesn't have a manual on-switch, and we've had it for almost three years now, so we figured the problem was that the remote control was out of battery power. (In fact, that is the number one solution listed on the "my Fire TV won't turn on" troubleshooting page.) But we couldn't find any triple-A batteries, and we needed the TV for Conference. (I mean, we could have watched it on the computer, but.)

So we were about to run to the corner store (still a fair distance away, but we think it's closer than the grocery store (and I mean literally run, because we don't drive), but Grawp was like, "Can you play the Switch not on the TV?" so Athena stayed behind so as not to disappoint the child, while I...sped-walk, the corner store. I ran part of the way back, and then I ran out of steam, so I walked at a normal speed, and then I tried running again a few times... Anyway, when I got home, I was tired. But I made it in time! find out that the TV was still not accepting the newly powered remote. So we unplugged it and plugged it back in, and now it's working, and it's just as well that we got new batteries, because seriously they had not been changed in almost three years (and the remote had been behaving in such a way that made Athena think the time was approaching).

As for Conference, it was great! This time, the theme seems to be, "No, seriously, God really, really, truly, sincerely loves you." So I felt a lot of love from all the sessions. I also really liked Elder Soares's talk on compassion. He almost seemed to be pleading with us to please, please be kind to each other. I can be snarky at times, so kindness is definitely something I could stand to work on.

Today I'm thankful for another great Conference day, making it back alive from the corner store, Athena being inspired to pick up some Pocky at the grocery store (it saved snacktime!), finally getting a good pic of Gyarados, and choirs being a thing again.
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