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OH my goodness, this month's chapter of UQ Holder! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! There were many ugh... *dies* I mean, that's kind of par for the course with Akamatsu, but it seemed worse this time. After doing a word count, this chapter had about 40% more words than last month's. And there were a lot of less common words, too, so we were stopping to look things up aaaalllllllll the time. But there was a really good scene in it, so...I guess that might make up for it.

Anyway. We have one more episode in this batch of Miraculous episodes to review, so let's get to it!

Wishmaker. This is the episode that our other Miraculous fan friend seems to consider to be The Game Changer...or at least, it drastically changed her opinion of Luka. Before this episode, she thought he was boring and one-note (which is kind of ironic, since he's a musician...), but now he's her favorite character, I think? Well, everyone has their own criteria for faves. We're still all about Adrien.

And speaking of Adrien. Oh, Adrien. This episode makes us so sad for him. They're all talking about careers and stuff, and since he's basically just done whatever his dad told him all his life, he has no idea what he wants to do as a career. So Plagg's like, "Just be Chat Noir!" and this! is the saddest! part! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Adrien tells Plagg that, since Ladybug is recruiting more and more superheroes, he doesn't know if she'll need a Chat Noir for much longer! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

I mean, on the one hand, it's like, "Dude, enough with the teen angst. You're fine." But on the other hand, after everything else this season... Like, Marinette already had a major breakdown, and it's understandable that it would happen to her first, because as Ladybug, she has a much heavier responsibility, but even without telling Alya, she has aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllll the kwamis to support her. Of course, kwamis might not understand all her human problems (as was pointed out when Tikki apologized for not being able to relate to Marinette's love problems), so of course she'd need a human friend, too, and that's where Chat Noir comes in! ...Oh wait, she went with Alya instead. And I really do not blame her for that. Alya is still a great choice.

But! with Ladybug busy doing the Guardian thing, and leaning on Alya more and more, Chat Noir now has less support than before. Of course, he didn't need it, because he just liked being able to spend time with Ladybug...but oh wait, he doesn't get to do that, either. So Adrien's life is getting lonelier and lonelier, and he feels like the one thing he had to look forward to is slipping away from him. And the one entity he can confide in is like, "I don't have to work? Cool." and, "Ladybug's the Guardian. We're just cheese on the platter." So no one is there to tell him that he's overthinking it and of course Chat Noir is important to the Ladybug superhero team. At least Plagg is still relatively loyal to Adrien, and I think Adrien probably would like having him around at whatever career he ends up in.

So Adrien goes to the career fair to see what non Chat Noir jobs are available. Meanwhile, Marinette is having second thoughts about being a fashion designer, so she goes to the fair, too, and she runs into Luka, and Andre the Ice Cream Man calls him "clairvoyant" (in French; the English subtitle said "clear-sighted," if I'm remembering correctly (which I might not be)). But this, to me, is significant, because Andre apparently is aware that Luka is very perceptive and insightful, and if anyone had the power to see if someone is clairvoyant in the English sense of the word, it would be Andre the Magic Ice Cream Man. See, the thing is, I have suspected that Luka has suspected that Marinette is Ladybug for quite some time now. I don't know if I thought of it before Desperada, but Desperada is where it's the most suspicious--the way Luka watches Ladybug go after she takes the Snake Miraculous back.

And then! when the villain attacks, Luka takes charge and deliberately sends Adrien in a different direction, then hides Marinette in a very specific spot that he will be able to find again. One where she won't be too mobile, so she'll still be there if he decides to go check on it later. And she's hidden, so if she decides she needs to, I don't know, transform into her superhero persona, she can do that without anyone seeing (including Adrien, who was deliberately sent in another direction). Of course Marinette does transform, then she takes Luka to safety, and what happens next? He goes straight back to where he hid Marinette to check on her. And *gaspies!* she's not there. He does act surprised and start to call her, but it's not like the danger has passed, so it's hard to think he went there to tell her it was safe--Ladybug had just removed him from there.

I've gotten a little ahead of myself, though. I wanted to mention Alec and his show. He's always had some pretty mean shows. I mean, some of them don't seem like they're always mean, but he's always mean in them when people lose. Seriously, why did he have to be such a jerk to Madame Mendeliev on True or False? I think after Chloe and Marinette, he may have the highest count for direct involvement in akumatizations. ...He might be tied with Lila. We never counted. But the surprising thing is, he himself had not been akumatized yet. And now he finally is! And he never will be again, because of the magical charms.

But anyway. He has this show where he goes around mocking people in their careers, but it's so great because, at least of the people we see, they always stand up for themselves and basically school him in what's really important. So I really liked that part of this episode.

And that brings us back to Luka, because after he proves to Alec that making musical instruments is worthwhile (seriously, that's a super awesome career), he helps Marinette and Adrien find answers to their own career confusion by listening to the music of their souls. It's this ability of his that makes me sure he must have at least suspected about Marinette and Ladybug...and possibly Adrien and Chat Noir, as well, but I'm guessing he didn't listen as closely to Adrien's music before now. I mostly just wanted to mention that, when Luka described Marinette's music as like a brass band with all the instruments playing something different, I thought, "Cool! I love Sousa!" And when he describes Adrien's real music as being happy and rock-n-roll, I thought, "Like Chat Noir's transformation music!" ...which on the one hand, makes Adrien's current feelings towards Chat Noir even more poignant, but also adds hope that eventually everyone will realize that he's meant to be Chat Noir and the most indispensable member of the team. I also wouldn't be surprised if he ends up playing in a rock band.

So Wishmaker goes around transforming people into their childhood dream. Jagged Stone was hilarious in this, by the way. "Crocodiles can swim, Dad." "Yeah, but I couldn't as a kid." But the important thing is, when Ladybug told Chat Noir she wanted to be the knitting fairy, I really really wanted to see that. And then we did, and it was so cute!

But that brings us to what makes this episode our friend's favorite: Viperion witnessed the whole thing. So now, regardless of whether or not Luka suspected Marinette of being Ladybug, now he knows. He did seem surprised. But on the other hand, Ladybug was surprised when she realized that Truth was Luka, even though she watched him get akumatized. I mean, sure, she ran before the transformation was complete, but it doesn't take a lot to figure out that any supervillain that's around now is probably Luka. Also, he could have been surprised because he had not recently been told that Ladybug's childhood dream was to be the knitting fairy, so he could have been like, "What? Marinette? I had no idea that was your childhood dream!"

Anyway, he turns back time so now he's the only one who saw it, of course, but then he sees Chat Noir get hit. And this part is very interesting to us, too. It's very clear that Chat Noir only gets hit because he lets himself get hit. Considering how strong he was about keeping his identity secret in Rocketear, even with Wishmaker goading him like that, you can tell everything that's been going on in this episode has really been weighing on him for him to say, "You know what, fine. Let's reveal my identity to the world. At least then I'll know what I want to be post-Chat Noir." Awwwwwwww, Adrien.

The sad thing is, that wouldn't have helped, because his dream was to do whatever his parents wanted. You know, thinking about it, that goes to show how much he loves his parents, and possibly how much they loved him. On the other hand, it may also show how hard a time he had pleasing his father, and that he was still desperate for his father's love. Oh man, this is making me too sad.

Anyway. Now Luka knows Chat Noir's secret identity, too. But the curious thing is, when Ladybug asked him if he saw their secret identities, he lied about it. If what he told Shadow Moth in Truth is to be believed, this may actually be the first time he's ever lied in his life. But why? Why would he feel the need to keep that to himself? Because he knows how stressed out Marinette's been, and he didn't want to stress her out more? Does he want to use it for leverage, or some kind of plot to win her heart back? He doesn't seem the type for that kind of subterfuge. This whole time, he was telling her that he's cool with it if she decides she loves Adrien more, but now that he knows both their secrets, is he more jealous? Does he think Adrien is likely to hurt her more? Or less? Or... I don't know! It's so strange!

It was pointed out to us that there are two non-Marinette people who know that Marinette is Ladybug and neither of them has a magical charm, which means both of them are vulnerable to akumatization. Luka's very chill, so it's going to be hard to akumatize him--it will take a lot. But now that he's started lying, maybe he'll be more vulnerable to other vices. Also, Shadow Moth knows he's Viperion, and it's possible that one day he'd think, "You know, that Viperion has the Second Chance power... It's possible he's seen things..."

And of course, Alya has told Nino that she's Rena Furtive. Hopefully that's all she told him, because he proved in that same episode that, under enough duress, he could break and let something slip, akumatized or not.

And meanwhile, Adrien is feeling less and less confident in his future as Chat Noir... There are a lot of things building up, and we foresee a major storm on the horizon. Dun dun DUN!

Today I'm thankful for managing to finish that chapter of UQ Holder!, the amusing fact that one of the worst pages to translate also perfectly illustrated our feelings towards having to translate such a page, getting to catch a Popplio and several Rowlets, getting to watch more Miraculous again today, and General Conference starting tomorrow!
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