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Now it's time to review our favorite episode of the latest batch of Miraculous episodes! Rocketear!

First of all, I think the name is pretty clever, but only because the supervillain's power is literally tears that are fast as rockets. And explosive. There have been some supervillain names that seem to be pretty fun puns in French but are just like, Dark Cupid, or whatever in English, so it's nice when there's an English pun that works.

Other than that, I'm not sure where to begin, so I'm replaying the episode in my head. It starts with a herd of T-rexes, and a scientist with some device that attracts them and makes them nice? They had a fun name for it. It almost seemed like some kind of side story, especially with Bob Roth coming along and saying, "Give 'em to me and we'll make Jurassic Park!" Like...what...? (But in a good way.)

And then Nino is sad because he never gets to go on superhero missions with Rena Rouge anymore. Awwwwwww, he really is such a cute boyfriend. And Alya has to tell him that she can't be Rena Rouge anymore, but she doesn't want to because she is still...oh yeah! Rena Furtive! With a costume change and everything! I really like that her new outfit has a camo pattern, because she's always hiding!

The important thing is, Alya and Nino go to see the sequel to the Ladybug animated movie! And it sounds like they got someone other than Adrien to be Chat Noir this time around, so did Corporate decide Adrien was too expensive, or did the director decide Adrien wasn't that great an actor? Because, you know, we've seen Adrien act, and it's...not that great. I mean, it was actually pretty good in the movie they made with Zoe, but I think that might be because he didn't have any spoken lines. But when he was playing the part of "not Chat Noir Adrien Agreste" in Desperada...oh man, that boy. At any rate, I agree with Nino that there's not enough Carapace in the movies.

The whole Chat Noir x Rena Rouge storyline...I hope it made sense in the movie with more context. Alya's reaction to it was amusing (and typical Alya). The fourth time we saw the episode, we noticed that the only other people in the theater were the bunch of kids that Nino sees playing outside later. "Chat Noir can't be with Rena Rouge! He loves Ladybug!" "I don't care--I'm Chat Noir and all the girls love me!" Oh my goodness, children. (It was hilarious. But poor Nino.)

And then all the !!!! starts. Nino gets it into his head that Alya is in love with Chat Noir. And oh my goodness, Adrien is the best friend to actually go and ask her directly. That had to be one of the most awkward things ever. And you could tell he felt awkward about it, because he started talking really fast and rambling, just like in Weredad when he had to tell Marinette that he can't return her love. What I really like about that is that it makes him a little bit like Marinette, with the flustered speech. He just manages to stay mostly articulate.

And again, Alya's reaction was the best. Oh, but Nino... Incidentally, I really loved his film noir schtick. ...That is film noir, right? We've never actually seen any film noir--only parodies in cartoons, so I'm not sure if I have the right name for it.

Okay, so we just looked up "film noir" at Wikipedia to make sure we had the right term, and it looks like we do! Yes! But the more important thing about it is, according to Wikipedia, the term "film noir" was first applied to those types of films by French critic NINO Frank. Clearly this is not a coincidence.

His little detective office that he set up in the school boiler room was the best. I love love love how when he tells Adrien to take a seat, Adrien just stands there gaping for a few beats. And then he's like, "When did you...?" "I'll ask the questions here!"

But oh my goodness, this was the best scene for so many reasons! In addition to the detective office thing, of course. Nino's melodrama is just the right level of exaggerated, and the way they keep turning the radio off and on. And of course, the fact that Nino reveals his Carapace identity to Adrien. I love Adrien's reaction, because at first he seems to be like, "That explains some stuff!" and "That's so cool, my best friend is Carapace!" at the same time, but then immediately he realizes what it means that Nino is Carapace and also knows that Alya was Rena Rouge. And this is the part that hurts, because Adrien now knows that Ladybug has permitted people to know each other's secret identity. Whatever reason he had told himself to explain Ladybug's insistence that they must never know will now seem invalid, and it will only seem like Ladybug just doesn't trust Chat Noir enough.

Our sister who didn't introduce us to the show has seen some episodes, and since she didn't watch it all the way through from the beginning and hasn't resigned herself to Ladybug just being like that like we have, she's always asking, "But why can't they know each other's secret identities!?" and I think it makes it harder for her to enjoy the show. And there's actually a very good reason that it's a better idea to keep those particular identities as secret as possible (their Miraculouses are the ones that Hawk Moth wants the most--if either of them knows who has both Miraculouses and gets akumatized, it's pretty much game over (you know, like in Chat Blanc)), but we know from Syren and other episodes that Adrien really struggles with all the secret keeping. In Oblivio, he even says they must know each other's secret identities, because he could never keep a secret from the girl he loves. AND!!!! when he went to see Alya about her potential crush on Chat Noir, she even told him she can't fall in love with him because she doesn't know who he really is.

So now he's just been told that girls can't love superheroes when they don't know who's behind the mask, and Ladybug is apparently not being consistent with who's allowed to reveal their identity and who isn't. Despair and injustice all at the same time.

And that's why I really have to admire his fortitude in not revealing his identity to Nino right then and there. Especially with that in addition to, "You don't know what Chat Noir is really like! I know!" Like, how did he not just explode? ...I think it's for two reasons. One, Nino just told him his secret identity, which surely he wouldn't do if he was really carapace, right? So there's room to doubt these claims of identity sharing. And second, I like to think he still trusts Ladybug enough to not give up without at least talking to her first.

Oh, but Nino's reenactment of how Chat Noir acts... It was so spot on, and yet so cruel. Especially when he's all, "But Ladybug keeps blowing him off because she thinks he's obnoxious, and she's right!"

So Nino works himself up into enough of a frenzy that Shadow Moth can now akumatize him, and then, for the first time since the first Christmas special, we see the Sad Chat Noir transformation sequence. He wasn't even sad when he transformed in Lies, right after his girlfriend broke up with him (probably because he was going to get to see the real love of his life; no wonder Kagami dumped his butt).

Then there's the fight, of course, and Nino was super kakko ii when he told Shadow Moth, "You can have your powers back!" That was even cooler than when Alya shook him off. And Chat Noir looked very sad, but he didn't talk to Ladybug about it, probably because there were other people around. Maybe he still needed to process. And then Plagg! the little jerk. Adrien's like, "I can't believe Ladybug let Nino and Alya know each other's secret identities," and Plagg's all, "She can do whatever she wants--she's the Guardian, and we're just cheese on the platter." But Chat Noir is supposed to be her partner, not her pawn! This is really not going in a good direction for Adrien.

Meanwhile, Alya says to Marinette, "Do you trust me?" and Marinette says, "Of course I do!" and then Alya tells Nino that she's Rena Furtive. And the conversation between Alya and Marinette hints that maaaaaybe Alya told Marinette before the audience came in that she was going to tell Nino, but! Nino asks her if Ladybug said it was okay for her to tell him, and she doesn't say yes or no! She only says, "I can't keep anything from you."

The secrets are getting out, and I have a feeling there could be some serious consequences. Dun dun DUN!!!

Today I'm thankful for having our laundry done, the hot weather not being too unbearable, the yummy sundaes we just had, the Rocketear episode of Miraculous, and a chance to get more Alolan starters in Pokemon Shield.
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