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Sailor V is officially out now! It's really real! We still don't have a copy! lyschan mentioned getting a comp copy back in the middle of August, but she's been better about pestering publishers for comps. We, on the other hand, have several unopened boxes containing comp copies (from other publishers), and generally don't feel a desire to increase our clutter. (We've already read all this manga, after all.) But for the Sailor Universe stuff, it would be nice to have at least one copy... Maybe someday... (We did ask our Kodansha people about it, so...)

But I don't want to forget about reviewing Miraculous, because we're getting to the really good episodes! Today we're talking about SentiBubbler!

This episode starts out with Marinette's nightmare about Alya letting the secret out, and I just want to say that I love two things about it. First is when Shadow Moth comes over to join the party, because I love Agreste's "I'm being smarmy" voice. And second, of course, is when Chat Blanc shows up, because I also love the Chat Blanc voice. There are actually several different Evil Chat Noir and Evil Adrien voices throughout the series, and we've been quite impressed with how they're all unique. Our favorite, naturally, is Chat Blanc, because, instead of someone pretending to be Adrien or Chat Noir, it's, like, Chat Noir Extreme. Like, you take all of Chat Noir's theatricality and just ramp it up to a thousand...and give it a slightly evil bent. And it's like, "Oh no oh no oh no!" and also kind of fun. So it was nice to get to hear it again...and we're starting to wonder if it's not the last time...

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Marinette comes to get the Fox Miraculous back from Alya, and first we find out that Nino is apparently afraid of spiders. That may be a retcon, but either way, it adds another level of, "Awwww♥♥♥" to his bravery in helping Alya in Anansi. On the other hand, it's possible that his fear of spiders is a result of some trauma from the whole Anansi ordeal. Either way, it's cute.

Then Marinette and Alya go into Alya's room to talk, and Alya has to tell Nino to stay out, and he looks so sad, and we wonder if that's the beginning of Rocketear. But I'm getting ahead of myself again.

The point is, Shadow Moth had an evil plot! And it really seemed like a good one. ...Good as in "effective," not good as in "a good thing to do," obviously. Alya handled it so very well. Of course, part of it was luck, that she already had her Miraculous. It's so great that any time anything happens in this series that's like, "Well, that was lucky!" it's like, "Yeah. Ladybug is a lucky charm. Her superpower is luck. Obviously she's lucky."

I have two main thoughts about SentiBubbler as a villain. First, it was hilarious to see Shadow Moth standing there with a coffee cup like he'd just come from Starbucks. We didn't realize until Ladybug pointed it out that that was what he was using to control SentiBubbler, and I think that made it even funnier. Like, he'd be putting words in SentiBubbler's mouth and we'd be like, "Is he holding a coffee cup? Bwa ha ha!" I guess he used the coffee cup instead of his cane because he wanted his cane's phone to talk to Alya as himself.

The second thing about SentiBubbler. At one point, he gestures to Alya that he wants her to listen to Shadow Moth on the phone by holding his hand up in the universal telephone sign and winking. It's funny enough to see Nino do it, but thinking about Shadow Moth controlling him... I mean, I guess the Peacock Miraculous holder doesn't always have to act out everything a Sentimonster does, but imagining Shadow Moth making that same motion fills me with happiness.

So this episode is significant in that it makes it so Alya has to go permanently underground with her superhero persona, but we think it's also building on what's going on with Chat Noir. Rena Rouge has to call him and tell him to stay put because she and Ladybug already have a plan that he's not a part of. Oh my goodness, his reaction! That's the biggest temper tantrum he's thrown so far. It was short lived, but if Shadow Moth hadn't been preoccupied, we might have seen Chat Blanc again this very episode. It was really cute how he was like, "It's fine, the Miraculous Ladybugs will fix it." He may not be happy about the "two-person plan," but he still has absolute faith in Ladybug.

It might seem like an overreaction, but personally, I can see why it was so bad. Even though Adrien is able to go to school and have friends there, he's still relatively a loner, and he still pretty much lives his life going through the motions of whatever his father tells him to do. The one time where he can really be himself and feel significant is when he's hanging out with Ladybug as Chat Noir. He's already seen her going around recruiting a bunch of new heroes, and now they're specifically telling him not to help. That's only like two steps away from, "We don't need you anymore, ever." ...The "ever" might be extreme,'s easy to draw those conclusions. I've been there, is what I'm saying. (We still wonder if our publishers have decided they don't like our work that much anymore when we go through a slow work period.)

I loved the exchange between him and Marinette, when she says, "You have to stay here because...!" and he's all, "And you know all of this how, exactly?" We get to see a lot of emotions from Chat Noir that we don't get to see very often. It was also great when he asked Rena Rouge to put Ladybug on the phone. He may trust Ladybug completely, but not Rena Rouge! But I mean, she is a fox, so.

And then, after all this, "You just stay put, okay, Chat Noir?" business, he finally gets to do something...but he eventually gets captured, then saves himself only to get re-captured, now with his de-transformation countdown going. So basically he did end up being pretty useless in this mission, and he almost had to give up being Chat Noir anyway because his identity was almost revealed. That is not going to help with all the angst he's already feeling. This could lead to some very bad decisions on his part...

And I think that covers it for this episode, except to say that I like Pegabug's ponytail. I didn't say this about Optigami, but I liked...Ladybee?'s beehive ponytail, too.

Today I'm thankful for getting to have some Joe's Italian Ice, Sailor V Eternal Edition really being a real thing, having grape juice to look forward to at some point, getting to work on In/Spectre today (it's super hard, but the story is a lot of fun!), and getting to watch more Miraculous again.
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